KDee Aimiti Ma'ia'i named first Pasifika woman to receive Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford

Brittany Keogh. (Reprinted from Stuff)

At 16, KDee Aimiti Ma'ia'i left school to work to support her family. Now, she's just become the first Pasifika woman to receive a prestigious scholarship to Oxford University.

Rhodes Scholarships are awarded annually to 95 exceptional students from 64 countries. They cover up to three years of fees and accommodations for postgraduate study.

Dear Oh Dear….sounds of a homeless brain

The easy part is knowing when a person makes a comment that is obviously brainless. 

The hard part is working out if the comment came from the brain or from some other part of the person’s anatomy.  Is it from the heart or lower? 

Take the example of an online posting by Dear Oh Dear that sparked a rage of reaction on the homeless issue in New Zealand.

Spread Of NZ Measles Outbreak, Worry World Health Organisation 

Samoa with her close ties to New Zealand is on the frontline islands the World Health Organisation is "worried" about, at the potential for New Zealand's measles outbreak to be exported to Pacific countries.

The most recent count on the total number of measles cases in Auckland alone stood at 944, according to media reports from New Zealand.

Nationally, the figure has passed 1100, with officials saying it's expected to rise further before peaking in the next fortnight.

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