Dear Oh Dear…….then God created Eve

At least with that South African lady runner, she was born a woman.  The only problem is she had too much ‘man–like’ chemical substances in her body or whatever it was the real women complained about.

This kiwi weightlifter who bettered our golden girl Feagaiga Stowers was legally born a man. 

But she/he  has lots of woman-like chemical substances swirling around inside, the international weightlifting rulers allowed her/him to compete.

Dear Oh Dear …..angels on rooftop watch

….and in rugby…! The angels above Samoa are resting a little easier today. No worries about holding down all the church roofs in the country from being blown into the sky by the force of the singing congregation.

Samoa didn’t win the gold in 7s rugby so the voices of rejoicing will not be breaking any sound barriers today.

A lot of soft tissues have been passed around since Fiji sneaked in a 7-5 win at the Marist Lotopa sports grounds yesterday.

Dear Oh Dear ….saved by healthy running kids

Just as well the performers at the opening ceremony were young energetic kids.  The amount of running from one choreographed formation to another, would have taken these kids from the Apia Park to the Faleata Sports Complex and back.

Run is the faster version of jogging and these kids were ‘jog resting’ after almost every run. Remember, these kids were also running on a muddied, energy sapping wet grass paddock.

Dear Oh Dear ………..Greatest Fight Of All Time

On second thoughts maybe this is an exciting time for our Games guests to be in Samoa while the heavyweights are going at each other in a battle for supremacy.

In the red corner the defending champion Government, over on the blue spot is the challenger the EFKS Church.

Just wished boxing’s great commentator the late Howard Cosell was behind the microphone to call the fight. His running commentary would probably sound like this:

MY SAY : ‘One In Spirit’ But Which Spirit?

The EFKS Church decision to pull Maluafou and Papauta colleges out of the schools opening ceremony on account of a Sunday has not gone down too well with the general public reaction.

Even members of the denomination themselves are critical of the pull out.

Respect for Sunday is the official word reportedly from the Church General Secretary Rev. Vavatau Taufao.

Dear Oh Dear…..widening the horizons of life

Good on the 27 Samoans who can now boast of speaking Chinese beyond  ‘Xiexie’ (thank you) and ‘Ni Hao’ (hello) like most of us with any knowledge of the language.

This lot are all graduates of the Confucius Institute at the NUS.

Here’s a thought that is absolutely worth giving some thought power, at what was said about learning a new language.

Dear Oh Dear ……thou shalt not use the Lord’s name in vain

How detestable it is if it’s true that church schools have pulled out of the Games Opening Ceremony to respect Sunday.   Is it alll or just one denomination school walking off?

But what about the National Council of Churches endorsement of the Sunday activities as more along an evangelical vein?

General Secretary Rev. Ma’auga has already said so in public about a month or so ago there’s nothing unholy about the entertainment.

Too Close To Drop The Ball Now

The Pacific Games next week is going to be a success.  A revered saying in Samoan contends that it is not the performers but the supporters who are important, ' E le sili le ta'i nai lo le tapua'i'. 

The whole country from the children all the way up to the grandparents are or have contributed in one way or another to making the Games a success.

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