Only in Samoa

...where you don't argue with these guys. When they point the finger at where you go...just go. 

Look closely and you'll see he's holding in his hand at the same time a pen.  Somewhere in his shirt or pants is his little notebook to take down your name and all the other details needed to issue you a citation or ticket for traffic violation.  These fellas don't like talking too much. So when they point...move it. 

Dear Oh Dear….please tell your horror stories somewhere else

Sleeping through the Friday night earthquake was a blessing. Waking up to the ‘nightmare’ some people imagined about the earthquake, was not.

 “There was a sudden sharp snap and the whole house shook it felt like the roof was going to coming crashing down on us,” was one frightened account by someone who was awake.

The thought of having the roof crush the breath out of you or even worse as you sleep was scary. What horror.

MY SAY : Once In A While Drug Raids Will Not Stop It

The Friday police drug raid at Faleatiu was a must.   But it’s not enough to sweep across the village farming backyard now and then?

Lives are at risk for everyone…the police tactical squad , village residents and even the innocent bystanders, when these armed attacks are carried out.

Faleatiu has built a notorious and feared reputation as the main village supplier of the illegal drug marijuana.

MY SAY : If It Is Difficult To Know It Is Probably Illegal

Do we have in Samoa an addiction problem for users of illegal drugs?  The Ministry of Health cannot tell and so too does the Ministry of Police.

The only place that can give us some idea is the court system.  Charges of illegal drug possession are common but whether it is for personal use or to earn income or both is difficult to tell.

Marijuana whether it is grown or just grows from the natural process of distribution by animals, wind or water, grows well in Samoa. 

MY SAY : Bottom Line Is ‘Not To Congregate’

Key health advice for all of us as we try to dodge our measles epidemic is to avoid congregating in groups.  Those are the very words straight from our health experts.

The measles virus is highly contagious and will easily spread from one person to another.  Children in the 1-4 year old age group are the most vulnerable, especially the ones who are not immunized.

Even adults are prone too, if they have not received any vaccination injections as well.

Dear Oh Dear ….and the wrath of a woman boils over.

 When a woman pours boiling water on a man who happens to be the husband. 99.9 and a half percent of the blame is on the man.

Well, it does feel that way with social media reaction.  There’s a court ruling pending on a woman who said she did splash boiling water on her man.

A three day stay at the hospital restored his good health minus a skin patch.  Didn’t actually say where on the body but at least he’s walking around –that’s the most important part.

MY SAY : Lets All Make Ourselves Environmentally Worthy

Now that South Africa are the rugby World Champions, lets congratulate their triumph and applaud all the teams who contributed to what became a weekend obsession for a rugby mad country like Samoa.

Our rugby pride, Manu Samoa, was counted among the countries that made up the numbers and we are or were right in there.

We would have loved to see our boys the only ones left standing in the end, like the Springboks lads, but it was not to be. 

Dear Oh Dear…..once a convict always a convict

Nursing a bit of neck strain after a RNZ report that an Australian TV crew was held up for two days in the Kiribati before they were allowed to leave.

That’s not what gave the poor neck a whiplash! It was the Kiribati claiming the Aussies “gave false and misleading information on their [ immigration] entry form.

The surprised neck jerk was at the thought…‘ hold on, what was that again? It sounds familiar.

MY SAY: Thank You UN For Our Day

Tomorrow ( 2ND November 2019) is our special day. It is assigned to us journalists every year by the United Nations in recognition of our work.

Must acknowledge that first with appreciation for the vote of support. 

When you have a person like the UN Secretary General saluting you with praises for your contributions to humanity it can be quite inspirational.

MY SAY : Nothing That A Kind, Understanding Word, Cannot Fix

If Australia really wants to win the hearts of their island neighbours, step back into the background and let New Zealand do all the talking.

Let people like PM Jacinda Ardern and especially Deputy PM Sir Winston Peters speak for them. 

The NZ defence Minister Ron Marks is not too far off the tone as well.

When leaders like these talk they know that we know in the islands when they are either sounding ‘paternalistic’ or ‘condescending.’

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