Dear Oh Dear……behind the smiles is a gut busting comedy of forum politics

Did Stui enjoy watching the Manu Samoa versus Wallabies test match with Australia’s PM Morrison at the weekend?

The question jumped out of a photo of the two leaders standing shoulder to shoulder with huge warm smiles on their already well known faces.

If a picture is worth a million words, the one showing these two is worth a couple of billions.

  MY SAY : Make Them Feel Blessed Not Shamed

The gruesome photo circulated online of a newborn baby girl’s dead body, abandoned among the trash at the Mulifanua wharf, went beyond heart breaking.

 Heart shattering would be a little closer.

The blow struck so deep it broke loving hearts into bits and pieces by those unfortunate enough to see it. 

What a cruel scene!  How tragic an ending to a precious, innocent life.

Dear Oh Dear…..a ’huffin’ and a ‘puffin’ cop up

When our magnificent Police Brass Band started the Teuila Festival opening parade from the FESA staging area, the marching sound was sharp and crisp.

Everyone, including our Miss Samoa contestants followed excitedly behind.

All looked pumped up.  Flowing adrenaline added  spring to everyone’s step. 

People were watching from all sides of the streets as the parade moved along Beach Road.  Destination the Malaefatu Park.

Dear Oh Dear….bully All Blacks

Shame on the All Blacks. How can they be so brutal with a 92 - 7 blow-out score against Tonga’s Ikale Tahi.  What a bully! 

For goodness sake, it was only supposed to be a warm up match for the World Cup. 

These kiwi bullies turned it into a whipping, as if they were beating up on a new kid on the block to show how black their hearts are.

The Tongans are no slouch and would give as good as they get.  We all know about the fiery island temperament.

Dear Oh Dear…it’s just women talk guys

If women talk funny in the maternity ward, it’s just normal talk we guys have to put up with.   It’s hard but  just try and keep a straight face and make yourself invisible.

Loud old veteran nurse, checked in on a new mother. Sees her wearing a padded bra and went; “ Look, unless you’re going to turn up in Parliament, lose the bra,” she loudly proclaimed.

But why…us guys would bust to ask. Shhh…it’s woman talk. They’re talking about women’s wear.

Dear Oh Dear….yo mama

Us old geezers must be careful with the modern fashion of the younger ‘generators’ these days.

One mother was so excited at being gifted a new top from a returning family member, she promised to wear it to the next Sunday service.

A sudden burst of laughter from the daughter changed everything.  Poor woman found out that her prized new fashion top was the latest craze in the women’s gym wear.

Dear Oh Dear....rambling thoughts about special Days

From yellow ‘sei pua’ to ‘red teuila’..hmmm. Ok so flowers are beautiful. Mountains and lakes are beautiful too. Sunset and sunrise are breath-taking. Birds are majestic and pussy cats are purrfect.

How about a ‘Matai Day? Organise it for all the chiefs to donate to a worthy charity on this day. How about a ‘Faifeau Day’ for all the untitled men who do all the family ‘feau’?

“….how about an ‘income tax day’, dear

Dear Oh Dear… all it takes is a ripe banana

After dwelling on what he himself said, Stui has actually leaked out his greatest fear… slipping on a ripe banana peel.

Bullets doesn’t scare him.  Ripe banana does.  Now if you’re mad at Stui, for whatever reason, here’s your best chance to get back at him. Bring him down with a ripe banana.

Check out where he normally walks and simply litter it with ripe bananas.  He does love long walks along the long corridors in his office.

Dear Oh Dear……roll in Sir John Rowles

John Rowles is coming to Samoa!!! He’s a kiwi star entertainer whose been around for a while.

So great to finally have some real star entertainers coming our way.

Actually the kiwi music icon is a knight of the British Empire and is to be formally addressed as Sir John Edward Rowles.

Picked that up off Google. He’s also in his early 70s in case any young ladies are interested.  Not questioning the interest in the senior ladies.

Dear Oh Dear…….those rock bottom popularity ratings

Wonder what Australia’s popularity rating in the region is after the  ‘condescending and alienating’ fall out from the Tuvalu Forum?

Probably very low….as in the very bottom low.

The island leaders, including the lovely PM Jacinda Ardern, did not hold any lasting smiles as they made their way home.

Stui wasn’t smiling either! But he was not quite in gun blazing mode as his straight shooting Fijian mate, Bainimarama

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