Vanuatu  Athletes  Ready for Para Athletics

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  • ​​​​​​​Para athletes: Georges Langa and Ms Maseline from Vanuatu
    ​​​​​​​Para athletes: Georges Langa and Ms Maseline from Vanuatu

Georges Langa is one of the five athletes from Vanuatu competing in para athletics next week.

He is competing in the shot put and has trained hard for his event since last year.

It is his first time to compete in the Pacific Games and he is determined to win a gold medal. “ I’m going to do my best,” he told Newsline.

29 year old Langa who has a limb deficiency- one leg is shorter than the other is not a stranger to Samoa for he studied at APTC Australia Pacific Training Coalition in 2017.  “ I’m happy to be back in Samoa,” he told Newsline.

Langa is appreciative that the para athletes are taking part in the Pacific Games.

Ms Maseline is a 100 meter sprinter and she will be competing in the 100 meters race. She also has a limb deficiency.

Yesterday Langa and Maseline with other athletes were at the Apia Park to test out the grounds with other athletes.

Vanuatu will be represented in shot put, javelin and 100 meters..