Safety Comes First For Cancelled Tennis On Day One

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  • ​​​​​​​ Team Samoa Tennis : Ladies team doubles, (l r)  Eleanor Schuster and Steffi Carruthers .
    ​​​​​​​ Team Samoa Tennis : Ladies team doubles, (l r)  Eleanor Schuster and Steffi Carruthers .

Rain left tennis officials with no other choice but to cancel all the matches scheduled for the opening day of competition on Monday, at the Apia Park Courts.

The courts were too slippery for the safety of the players.

This is what the Sports Cooperation Manager, Tagaloa Yvonne Carruthers, told Newsline Samoa when the courts closed down in the afternoon.

““This is one of the outdoor sports that cannot be played when it is raining,” Tagaloa explained.

“If there is an area of the field that is slippery and wet, the game is immediately stopped.

‘ We put the players safety first and we always make sure that the field is safe for everyone including the officials.”

Team competitions are scheduled for the first week with two singles and double in the preliminary rounds.

 Before the matches were called off on Monday, 16 year old Eleanor Schuster had already snuck out a win over her Northern Marianas rival.

“I wasn’t feeling it at the start of the match,” Schuster said.

“I guess I tried too hard and was hitting too hard and I wasn’t feeling my game.”

Schuster arrived from Fiji on Sunday and felt she has had time to adjust to the courts so she was nervous.

Calming words from her coach to take it slow helped her rebuild her game and it work to earn her the win.

This was her first game that rained out and she did not like it with the wind in her face.

“The weather was tough and challenging it was very windy and I don’t like playing with the wind and I guess that was challenging part of the sport today.”

Her straights sets win was 6-0, 6-4.

Schuster has played internationally for tennis and she told Newsline that if plans go well for her and her partner, things will be fine this week.”

Schuster teams up with Steffi Carruthers in the doubles, who had earlier won her singles match in a straight 6-2, 6-1 set against her Northern Mariana opponent.

In doubles the girls won 7-5, 6-4

Carruthers told Newsline today that their opponent is one of the toughest in their pool.

She said they were so thrilled to win against the best teams in the Pacific.

“I was also excited my dad got to see me play for the first time and it definitely set a right mood for the rest of our games,"

Samoa is in Pool 3 with Northern Marianas, PNG, and Cook Island.

Carruthers confided that all three teams are at the top 5 in the region.