MY SAY: Church Is Where People Invest In Prayers Not OneCoin

About the author:

Mataeliga Pio Sioa, Newsline Samoa newspaper editor. A veteran journalist in broadcast and print media.

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Is this OneCoin affair a blessing or a scandal? Why are some of the churches allegedly involved?

We have to beam critical attention to this issue immediately and clear the air before it goes any further and risk ruin to innocent cryptocurrency investors.

The quickest and most effective way to do that is for Government to set up a Commission of Inquiry.

Surprising we are not hearing even a peep from the Prime Minister and his ever alert Cabinet.

So many lose ends are flapping around they must be tied up yet not even a whisker of a whisper about an official probe.

The Commission priority, if there is one set up, is to ascertain the financial status of local investors. Did they lose or gain? 

Why is this OneCoin a dodgy scheme?  Who were behind its promotion and where are they now?

Church leaders are reported to be in the forefront. Did their influence enticed people to put their savings into OneCoin with the promises of overnight riches?

Why would they do that?

The talk about this cryptocurrency investment so far has been mixed not to mention controversial.

Tens of thousands of tala are supposed to have already been invested for returns of 100s of thousands of tala.

If anyone did rake in that kind of money then they are pretty quiet about it.  No dancing and jumping in celebration.

So far all we are starting to hear are investors desperate to recover their money only to be told there is little chance of that happening.

Simply put, they can kiss their money good-bye.

There were official warnings from the Central Bank of Samoa as a watchdog of our foreign savings, but the reactions so far have also been quite mixed.

The voice of caution may have come too late for some and timely for others saved from parting with their savings at the last minute.

Seriously enough, legal actions are being threatened by those alleged to be the mastermind of what is being questioned as a scam.

A few days back the OneCoin cryptocurrency company circulated a statement to the local media to deny having any agents promoting their products in Samoa.

Who then are these people who went around giving workshops for church congregations to promote OneCoin investments?

Why the church? How come the church pastors allowed the flock to be exposed to harms way with this scam?

Since the alleged OneCoin controversy came into the public attention, questions started to pop up everywhere.

More are still to be asked in several key areas of concern that a Commission of Inquiry should be directed to probe.

Upper most are criminal implications.  If it is true that people have been duped out of their savings without any hopes of recovery, who should be held accountable?

Two church denominations have already been named. Should the leaders of these churches be brought before the Commission of Inquiry and made to respond to allegations of wrong doing?

Should criminal proceedings be brought against those found to have misled the innocent and the culpable for their own and whatever benefits promised?

Police investigations should be recommended if they are not involved yet.

Legal protection is necessary to prevent against this kind of manipulation, whether deliberately or  unknowingly of the innocent, who religiously follow the lead of the church leaders.

This should be a priority recommendation by the Commission of Inquiry to safeguard against future repeats.

Questionable dealing like this should never have happened in the first place.  If the Church leaders did fire up the congregation to invest in OneCoin for worldly gains, then it was wrong for them to do so.

If it is about financial investments, leave it to the people trained in financial matters.

 No smart quote or verse from the bible can excuse the injustice the trusting members of the flock have suffered with the loss of their hard earned savings.

The only investment these God servants should encourage in the flock is to put their energy into prayer.

If you want to be rich in this world… pray. If you want to be rich and go to Heaven as well ….pray.

Hurry up with that Commission of Inquiry.