Dear Oh Dear… can run but if you have measles you can’t hide

  • Empty hospital bed
    Empty hospital bed

A young female measles case was supposedly admitted for treatment. After a while the busy hospital staff discovered she was missing.  Looked around everywhere and she had vanished.

To the experienced staff this happens all the time.   A missing patient would be reported and then left it there.

But this time they were not taking any chances. The police were called in and the hunt was underway to find her and they reportedly did.

What this young lady failed to realize is that she was not endangering herself only but a whole lot of innocent, unsuspecting people.

All the warnings and health advice about the highly infectious measles virus that can be passed on very quickly were lost on this kid.

But lets not be too harsh on her.  Anyone at her age would do the same.

“….maybe she was forgot her cellphone and went home to get it, dear.