Dear Oh Dear… out for those eyes in the sky

  • A drone made to work for farmers ( internet photo)
    A drone made to work for farmers ( internet photo)

So our Commish Fuiavailili is finally sold on drones after the success of that big drug raid at the Faleatiu marijuana plantations.  He wasn’t all keen on it at first.  He had his doubts about flying them along the seawall to police against troublemakers but it looks like he’s ‘seen the light.’

Just wondering how low the object flew at Faleatiu recently?

Sending the drone on spying missions to drug plantations is now a revealed secret.  Those drug farming villages are going to be on the look out for them from now on. 

No problem shooting them down.  Sniper rifles are popular with drug farmers so  the drones will make good target practice.

Commish Fuiava is going to need some high flying drones out of the reach of  those long rifles.

Surely he’s got enough overseas contacts to offer him better options.

Funding should not be a worry.  The Ozzy ‘Step Up’ funding is all cashed up for spending on the islands. Just ask and it shall be given. Gladly.

“…..if everything fails, we have Uncle Chang, dear.