Dear Oh Dear…….then God created Eve

  • Controversial weightlifting
    Controversial weightlifting

At least with that South African lady runner, she was born a woman.  The only problem is she had too much ‘man–like’ chemical substances in her body or whatever it was the real women complained about.

This kiwi weightlifter who bettered our golden girl Feagaiga Stowers was legally born a man. 

But she/he  has lots of woman-like chemical substances swirling around inside, the international weightlifting rulers allowed her/him to compete.

 A man inside a woman and a woman inside a man!  This is going way beyond us now.  

We’re into the ‘Book of Genesis’ subject matters, when first the Old Man created Adam and then took a breastbone off him to have Eve.

Where do we go from here?  We could try asking Heaven where it all started.

“….don’t ask our angry weightlifting supporters please, dear