Dear Oh Dear…..if it’ll convince Trump, good luck

  • US Ocean Research vessel Nautilus
    US Ocean Research vessel Nautilus

Hmmm…. so we have an intelligence gathering American boat ‘exploring’ our Pacific waters!  Why isn’t that a surprise?

Just hoping it’s only of scientific interest.  President Trump is no saint from what CNN has been saying.

We’ve also been told the man doesn’t believe in climate change.  If this ‘exploration’ boat can scientifically prove without a doubt, that we have every right to be worried about the causes of climate change, then we should all cheer on the scientists on the boat.

But here’s a small catch!  Why would Trump pay for an American boat to scientifically prove himself wrong.  Why turn up in a hot spot like our Pacific region where China is the hot item making friends with the islands?

This is the same China he is in a trade war with. It doesn’t make much sense.  

He would stand to gain more if any info. collected from the island region will show up the ‘evil’ designs by China towards the western world. 

Any smart president would direct that all  ‘exploration’ boats in the islands, concentrate on intelligence collection to aid the motherland in her trade war with China.

Would Trump do that or not?

“….anything to make America great again, dear