Dear Oh Dear….bully All Blacks

  • Go 'tamasi'i' Tonga
    Go 'tamasi'i' Tonga

Shame on the All Blacks. How can they be so brutal with a 92 - 7 blow-out score against Tonga’s Ikale Tahi.  What a bully! 

For goodness sake, it was only supposed to be a warm up match for the World Cup. 

These kiwi bullies turned it into a whipping, as if they were beating up on a new kid on the block to show how black their hearts are.

The Tongans are no slouch and would give as good as they get.  We all know about the fiery island temperament.

But what’s the point wasting it on a nothing game? Save it for Japan where it counts the most.

The All Blacks winning margin proves the point. No way would the Ikale Tahi back down on the defending world champions if it meant saving the Kingdom from rising sea-levels.

Heads up ‘tama si’i’.  Keep that fire raging.  Save the best for the World Cup.  Manu Samoa will be burning dangerously blue as it waits at the finals for you guys to get there.  It’ll be a clash of the Blue Pacific titans.

“… bet on the Flying Fijians to bring home the Cup, dear.