Dear Oh Dear…..a shower or two a day keeps the measles away

  • Measles prevention shower
    Measles prevention shower

This is a true story folks.  A family with a three months old baby has set strict rules at home for all members returning from work, a trip to Apia or anywhere out of the house.

Head straight for the showers for a full body wash before you touch the baby or even venture anywhere close.

In only a week or so since the rule was enforced, the family grandmother, is starting to feel the strain of two to three showers a day.

She regularly leaves her baby-sitting duties for chores either in town or elsewhere, so she has to comply with the rules.

As the person who actually made the rule in the family she must abide.  Next to the baby, she is the cleanest, nicest, smelling person in the whole family.

Maybe the measles virus can smell her too and are staying away.

“….good on her, when was the last time you showered, dear?