Dear Oh Dear…..a ’huffin’ and a ‘puffin’ cop up

  • Our finest on brass band duties
    Our finest on brass band duties

When our magnificent Police Brass Band started the Teuila Festival opening parade from the FESA staging area, the marching sound was sharp and crisp.

Everyone, including our Miss Samoa contestants followed excitedly behind.

All looked pumped up.  Flowing adrenaline added  spring to everyone’s step. 

People were watching from all sides of the streets as the parade moved along Beach Road.  Destination the Malaefatu Park.

Those who kept pace along the footpath flowed briskly with the band music. 

As they neared the end of parade, they felt a subtle change.

The volume was not as smart and high pitched as it was at the start.  The musical notes were dragged and the band sounded labored.

Our finest band members must be running out of puff, many thought.   

Many of us would know about walking the distance, but not while blowing on a  trumpet or a clarinet at the same time.

Must be a lot of strain on the lungs to suck in and blow out.

“….they need to up their fitness levels to suck, blow and walk, dear.