Dear Oh Dear ……keep it simple people

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  • One of many countless sights inside the TTM Hospital compound
    One of many countless sights inside the TTM Hospital compound

An interesting dilemma when families refuse vaccination for some personal or religious beliefs.

If it’s their choice then so be it. If it works out for them and they’re not infected by the measles good one.

 But what if they end up with the measles?  Where do we go from there? 

If you can’t force them to be vaccinated and despite having the measles they still refuse vaccination what then?

The children are too young to have a say so the parents speaks for them and they have spoken.

Goodness it gets harder all the time.  If a child’s life is lost where do we as responsible people stand?

Isn’t there an international convention of a child’s right we signed up to? Maybe worth looking into to see if parents rights can be overruled by humanitarian rights.

Would two rights make it right or drag it into a major hair pulling debate.

Why do we have to make it difficult for ourselves?

  The people with medical brains come up with a proven cure and people who needs it refuse to accept. Where’s the logic in that?

If people are so quick to accept cure in a bottled water that has no medicinal values, why not the medications that are a medically proven cure? 

Man is so complex.  

“….while the adults play the innocent children die, dear.