Taxi Operators Understanding At Canceled Cruise Liners

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  •  ( l-r) Enoka Fiai'i man and Peter Gaolo.
     ( l-r) Enoka Fiai'i man and Peter Gaolo.

The cancellation of scheduled cruise ship arrivals at the end of this year is felt by the taxi service.

It is one of the peak periods of business they look forward to every year leading into the holiday season.

But many of the taxi operators were understanding about the health fears of the  tourists as well.

 Enoka Fiai'i who operates under Paradise Taxi Stand, thinks health should be a priority.

"I cannot deny the fact that there won't be any extra money for us, but that is the reality now, however, we cannot deny the fact that those countries who operate the ships know what's best do not want to expose these travellers to our measles epidemic.”

Fiai’i said they are going with whatever comes but maintains that safety rate above all.

 “For us taxi drivers. we agree we must stop any further spread of the measles. “We want money, but we also understand they are doing the right thing by missing us out."

Another taxi driver who operates for Saleimoa taxi stand, Peter Gaolo, who does normal runs around town  agrees with the cancellation.

" We have heard the ships have redirected away from Samoa at the last minute and it's a bummer we drivers has missed out on the earnings,” Gaolo felt.

“But we don't feel it is a loss because we have seen what measles can do and this terrible disease definitely is not discriminating when it comes to tourists as well.

“So I feel it is for the protection of people though it's a financial loss, but health should be a priority as it has been for Samoa at the moment.”

 in large numbers."

Fiai'i and Gaolo admit it's been the slowest since they started as taxi drivers, but they are comfortable with the small money they take home for the care of their families.