SVSG ‘Gift Of A Child’ Appeal To Mothers

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  • GIFT OF A CHILD : Primary school children visit the SVSG School of Hope at Tuanaimato - FILE PHOTO.
    GIFT OF A CHILD : Primary school children visit the SVSG School of Hope at Tuanaimato - FILE PHOTO.

The heartbreaking death of a new born baby at the Mulifanua Wharf, has brought an emotional appeal from the Samoa Victim Support Group, to mothers to treasure rather than abandoned the gift of a child.

“No child whether young, old or new born deserves to die at the hands of the parents due to negligence, pride or poverty,” a statement from the refuge at Tuanaimato entreated.

 “All children are a gift from God.  They fulfill God’s purpose for the growth of His Kingdom here on earth.  They have the right to life.”

The statement noted the sad incidences of abandoned babies in Samoa of late, and how it reminds that all is not well in “our beautiful slice of paradise.”

“ Who to blame and what causes these catastrophies are not ours to ask.”

As a child protection agency, SVSG is more concerned with how to prevent or save another child from being abandoned.

The urge to find ways to help the mothers caught up in such difficult situations are added concerned for the organisation.

“Samoa Victim Support Group is appealing to all our mothers in these situations to please, know that help is just a phone call away. 

“The 24 hour free help line number is 800-7874 and it is confidential.  Having the courage to reach out for help will not only save yourself, but most importantly, that gift of a child.”

The Tuanaimato refuge received earlier this year, “a bundle of joy left outside their office door” to give them a morning greeting. 

“We never asked who or what. We knew that whatever the situation may be, a child has been saved.  He is now a healthy child at the House of Blessings nursery at the Campus of Hope.”

The SVSG President Siliniu Lina Chang is making an appeal to all mothers that “before you made a decision to take a life into your own hands, know that you are not alone.  At SVSG, we are your family, and we are just a phone call away.”

"All children are a gift from God and as such, they have the right to life like you and I."