Seventh Day Adventist Donates Food

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  • Director General of Health Leausa Dr. Take Naseri (centre) with representatives of the church at the donation of foodstuff for the TTM Hospital
    Director General of Health Leausa Dr. Take Naseri (centre) with representatives of the church at the donation of foodstuff for the TTM Hospital

Deidre Fanene

The Seventh Day Adventist Church at Lalovaea presented $60,000 worth of food stuff to the Director General of Health Leausa Dr. Take Naseri to help support and provide not only to patients but also the health workers who working tirelessly to cater for the needs of those who have been infected with measles.

Country Director of ADRA Samoa, Su’a Julia Wallwork says, the products were collected from the church members of Upolu alone.

Tuasivi hospital also received the same donation from the church members in Savaii on Wednesday which was worth $10,000.

“The donation today is estimated at $60,000 and everything that you can see are all from our church members in Samoa,” she said.

“You know we are not a big congregation our church members are just over 6,000 members but we give with our hearts and especially during this time.”

Su’a said the reason why they have donated food is because they know this is how the church can help.

“We know the hospital has been overcrowded and the church knows that there have already been big monetary donations from big national organizations and bigger nations,” added Su’a.

“So the church thought this is our way to reach out to support the hospital and the work that they do.”

General Secretary of the Church, Pastor Sione Ausage said the donation comes from the heart with the hope that it will be able to help with the workers as well as the patients.

“This is our way of helping because we know we cannot help with the treatment because we don’t have the skills, the qualifications or the knowledge to treat the patients only you and the doctors as well as nurses and the experts on that field can do that,” he said.

“But this is the only way we can help and to let you know that we are all in this together as a nation hence why we have decided to help out in a form of food products to supply.”

Director General of Health acknowledges the support of the church during this time.

“We are seeing help from everywhere especially in our local community as well as the churches,” he said.

“We want to thank the President of the church as well as all the members and the office for the kind donation.

“May God continue to bless the church as well as its members for all the support not only in terms of food that you have presented today but also for your prayers upon our people who are affected as well as our health workers who are working nonstop to cater for the needs of our people.”

Speaking to one of the eldest member of the church Fesola’i he told Newsline that providing for the hospital as well as the patients at this time that Samoa is in a crisis is a blessing.

He said, it’s heartbreaking seeing the death toll still increasing but he feels at ease knowing the church as well as everyone are all standing together supporting those who are in need.

“We want to help and one of the church’s main goal is to support everything our government is doing,” he said.

“We know that our health workers are working tirelessly and on overtime, so they need food and they need proper food and healthy food hence why we have decided to provide all of this such as vegetables, milk, freezer foods, and all the other things.

“So we feel blessed to be providing for our health during this time.”