Samoa Airways Extend Aircraft Lease

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  • File photo of Samoa Airways flight landing at Faleolo International Airport
    File photo of Samoa Airways flight landing at Faleolo International Airport

Samoa Airways has decided to extend by another 6 months the lease on the aircraft currently flying its established routes to New Zealand and Australia.

The Minister of Commerce Industry and Labour (MCIL), Lautafi Joseph Purcell confirmed the lease extension this week.

Lautafi is also the Minister of Cabinet responsible for the Samoa Airways. 

"We are still going to use this (Malindo) plane for now and we know that since the investigation on the incident which lead to grounding of all Boeing 737 max is still ongoing, we will wait until a decision is made and we will decide on what our next step is going to be."

Samoa Airways will have to decide when the new lease ends whether to continue on or start hunting for another airplane that is more suitable fro the service.

“But the reaction of our people has been very positive with this Malindo airline. Our people love our newest airplane."

The future for the national airline is whether to add more routes to cater for travellers to and from Samoa if opportunities for more airplanes will be available.

For the time being Lautafi told Newsline Samoa that while the sky is the limit when it comes to more routes to cater for growing need for travellers, the main focus would be to add extra airplanes.

"If we buy another airplane, we would definitely consider adding more routes but in the meantime, since we only have one plane that is catering for the needs of our people, we are still continuing with normal routes.”

Lautafi said the airline is looking at the possibility of expanding services to neighboring countries like Tonga.


All depends on another plane becoming available.