Organisers Of 2 Million Tree Planting Campaign Eye 2020 Target

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  • Apia Primary School student planting tree at the Vailima Forestry Station / pic provided by 2milliontree MNRE
    Apia Primary School student planting tree at the Vailima Forestry Station / pic provided by 2milliontree MNRE

The Forestry division aim to plant 2 million trees by 2020 is in the horizon with hopes to gather more data from various organization which took part this year in tree planting to update the total number of trees planted this year.
The Tree planting campaign that started in 2015, and the Forestry division is still positive the 2020 target for 2 million trees will work out with more data to be collected and recorded.
The planting count is up to 936,044 trees planted in both Upolu and Savaii, on 781.27 hectares of land according to latest figures recorded as of this week.
Senior Policy Officer for the Forestry Davison of the MNRE, Joe Te'o told Newsline Samoa  they are hopeful.

"There is still a lot of work to be done at the moment and we are trying our best to ensure that the work is done to count the trees already planted in areas. We need to gather the data from various places as well where initiatives have already been instilled but we need to ensure that we get the right information from the
participating stakeholders and private sectors lending a hand in
ensuring this campaign is a success."
Te'o said that while there are problems to be smoothed out, the Ministry is hopeful that the final count is accurate.
"We don't want to count the tree twice. We want to make sure we also record according to criterias of our campaign and try our best to collect the right information we want.

“To get the accurate information, we want to be able to provide accurate figures as well by next year with efforts to reassure that we are carrying out the campaign effectively.

“We also want to trace the source of plants as we don't want to have the plants mixed up, and lets say we provide one tree, and the farmer produces more from this one plant, then count all those trees to our record, no that is not how it works.

“When a plant is given to be planted, that is counted as one, it is not accurate to included in the count the plants from the one tree given."
The forestry division has 2 nursery stations in Upolu with three in Savaii. Recent planting sessions around Upolu and Savaii have yet to be recorded.