Newsline Samoa wins Best Editorials award

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Tina Mata'afa-Tufele is a Pasifika journalist that has been writing and covering news related to the Samoan experience for over a decade. She's written for Samoa News in American Samoa, (covering news from Hawaii, the U.S.

  • Newsline Samoa newspaper masthead
    Newsline Samoa newspaper masthead

Newsline Samoa has won the coveted Best Editorials Award presented for the very first time by the Samoa Alliance of Media Practitioners for Development (SAMPOD) that was established six years ago as a training arm to assist the Journalists Association of Western Samoa (JAWS).

SAMPOD's Lagipoiva Cherelle Jackson, who previously worked as a journalist for local newspapers Newsline and the Samoa Observer, announced their inaugural awardees during an event that marked World Press Freedom Day in the country, Friday, 3 May, 2019, at the National University of Samoa's Niule'a Building.

Award winners were decided by "senior journalists both local and regional who played an active role in the development of media in Samoa," Lagipoiva said.

The Best Editorials Award is one of 12 awards announced by SAMPOD.

Newsline, an independent, family owned, newspaper based at the John Williams Building in Tamaligi, with its printing press in Nu'u, was selected for the Editorials award for its opinions which are "constructive and aggravating at times," Lagipoiva noted.


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