National SSLC Exams Goes Ahead This Week

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  • Maluafou College Art students who are required to sit the SSLC exam for the Year 13 class
    Maluafou College Art students who are required to sit the SSLC exam for the Year 13 class

Final year college students are to sit the national Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC) exam this week starting on Tuesday right up to Friday.

The Ministry of Education is taking into consideration the measles epidemic and overseas travel for students who are unable to sit.

Any student who missed out on the first day or all the other days scheduled to sit courses for the exam are required to submit medical certificates to their respective school principles.

All students who are overseas must submit copies of their travel documents to the Ministry as soon as possible.

More than 2 thousand students are required to sit the annual exam for Year 13 that was cancelled under the national state of emergency.

The SSLC and the Samoa School Certificate (SSC) exam for Year 12 are the two major exams at the college level scheduled at the end of the school year.

SSC is cancelled with all students promoted directly to SSLC Year 13 classes in the New Year.

The SSLC exam scheduling on Tuesday 15th December are unlikely to be affected by the extension of the national state of emergency for the measles epidemic.

Cabinet has lowered from 19 years to 14 years the restrictions on children who should not be involved in any public gathering during the emergency period.

It remains to be confirmed if the age restriction was deliberately lowered to 14 to allow for the older students normally between 17 and 19 in the Year 13 classes, to sit the SSLC exam.

The Ministry of Education is yet to disclose the decision on the students who are unable to sit the exam because of the measles or are off island this week.

The SSLC exam results will determine the intake for the National University of Samoa and the University of the South Pacific, Alafua Campus as well as Technical Training Institutions.