Mother Shows Overwhelming Love For ‘Abandoned’ Babies

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  • Falelauniu mother, Ms. Ciilia O’Sullivan with babies headstone she has in place for them already and more
    Falelauniu mother, Ms. Ciilia O’Sullivan with babies headstone she has in place for them already and more

Deidre Tautua – Fanene

A loving mother and grandmother is organising a proper burial for the bodies of the two dead babies who were abandoned in separate incidents.

She has also taken it upon herself to give each one a name in a show of humanity she wholeheartedly believe are entitled to like any other human being.

Falelauniu mother, Ms. Cilia O’Sullivan, did not want to reveal her personal identity at first but her love of the children and wish to see them treated as everyone else changed her mind.

 O’Sullivan claimed the Ministry of Police has given her the go ahead with plans to give the bodies of the children a decent burial.

The mother of four and grandmother of four saw the photos of the babies circulated on social media and was heartbroken that nobody offered to show the kind of true love these children deserved.

“Nobody claimed them,” she said in a comment made on the phone. 

O’Sullivan felt nobody really stepped up and did something to show compassion and how they truly love these children whose photos were seen and shared online by thousands.

 “I offered my love as a mother and grandmother for the little ones.”

O’Sullivan went as far as to claim the two babies as her own and gave them first names and her maiden “Aumaga” as their last name.

She gave the name “Tautai” to the 6-month-old baby boy whose body washed onto the beach a month ago at Lauli’i village.

She named “Teviti” the newborn baby girl found next to a rubbish bin at the Mulifanua wharf a few days ago.

A funeral service is being planned for the children tomorrow afternoon on Thursday at the Seventh Day Adventist Church at Lalovaea.

The police will then accompany the bodies to the cemetery at Tafaigata for burial.

O’Sullivan has already organized and paid for their cemetery resting plots, coffins, clothes and head stone.