Leapai Family ‘Lights Up’ Christmas Spirit 

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  •  Leapai family home transformed into a huge Christmas tree to ‘light up’ the spirit of the season.
    Leapai family home transformed into a huge Christmas tree to ‘light up’ the spirit of the season.

The Leapai Richard Brown family at Vaimoso has wired up a spectacular Christmas lights show at home, in the hopes to light up the spirit of Christmas this festive season.

The family home is openly displayed for the public to enjoy, Leapai said on Friday when asked by Newsline Samoa.

He was hesitant about the timing especially with the measles crisis that the country is experiencing.

Support from his wife Ana and knowing that the show could make many happy gave it the green light to go ahead.

"We understand the pain our beloved country is enduring at the moment but we also want to lift the spirit of Christmas this season by putting out the lights as a symbol of love and hope." Leapai explained.

People show up to take pictures of the lights and every night, the Leapai family offers hot cocoa rice or koko Samoa with muffins or sandwiches for the visitors.

"We just want to offer some love and support and we are willing to put a smile on peoples faces, hoping that eventually this dark cloud shall pass us soon.

"This is our way of showing our love during these difficult times our country is going through.”

The Leapai family has been putting up Christmas lights for show and have been opening up their home to the public for five years.

Leapai told Newsline he is grateful for the loving support of his family who mostly reside in America for making things possible every year.

Leapai hopes to bring the spirit of Christmas to many with the simple fact they provide to whoever feels like coming over to enjoy the lights.

"Whoever wants to come by, we offer our love and many have come by and briefly enjoy the Christmas lights, it is also a great feeling for all of us to share our love with them as well"

Leapai said his wife Ana inspired the Christmas lighting this  year.

The Leapai family home lights up the street at the Vaimoso entrance to Apia town at the busy.