DAC up to task with busy but manageable workload

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  • MNRE organised training for DAC working members
    MNRE organised training for DAC working members

The Disaster Advisory Committee DAC is up to the task of ensuring that resources are available for the mass immunization plan by the government.

Things have been busy lately however. Chairman of DAC Ulu Bismarck Crawley spoke to Newsline Samoa yesterday that the committee is handling things smoothly.

He said there are enough  government workers allocated to handle each specific task required to accommodate the mass vaccination efforts that are ongoing

“Things are in line with what we have been targeting, we have the full support of the government with what we are planning, we have specific work done by certain people and we have enough drivers, transportations for the resources and health workers needed to be transported to specific sites.

“We have really been assisted in this area and we are coping well with much that is going on at the moment. We have taken care of our daily roster of health workers to deliver vaccines in areas targeted."

The main DAC responsibility is to provide a plan for the MOH to execute their programs on accommodating individuals in the communities and villages, we also ensure vehicles and resources are mobilized in fixed sites  that demand (vaccination) assistance.'

Ulu admitted that despite things going well with everyone on board, the biggest demand they are trying to sort out is the need for qualified vaccinators to carry out the vaccination for the country.

“We are still trying to provide specialized vaccination and ensure we have the right people in place to carry out the job.

“We have many nurses but only the specialized nurses are wanted in this area to carry out this call, to vaccinate and not all nurses went through trainings so we get only the help of the vaccinators who are specialized in vaccines.”

Help from neighboring New Zealand according to Ulu is requested.

“We are bringing in vaccinators from New Zealand to help out with our vaccination plans.

“These are qualified specialists in this area of vaccines who will assist us and these individuals will facilitate our need to have more vaccinators as we really need to have more'