Beauty Queen At Your Service

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  • Service with a smile. Photo by Ministry of Health Nutrition  and Health Promotion Unit
    Service with a smile. Photo by Ministry of Health Nutrition  and Health Promotion Unit

Miss Samoa Miss Pacific Island took to her vaccination nursing work with a smile today, when she joined the vaccination team working from the Samoa Tourism Authority Fale.

Fonoifafo McFarland Seumanu is a New Zealand registered nurse who voluntarily offered her nursing skills as her first official duties since her triumphant return from the Miss Pacific Islands pageant in Papua New Guinea last week.

 “I will be joining the nurses and we will be going out to the villages and help vaccinate the populations that haven’t been vaccinated,” she told the local media earlier in the week.

“That’s been the plan since but we were on hold because we needed to ensure that all my paper work were up to dates.

“I did leave New Zealand 4 months ago but we had process the paperwork before coming to Samoa to ensure that I was able to practice as a nurse here.

“I think the Miss Samoa and now the Miss Pacific Island platform would really help to push all the important part of being vaccinated so it works in our favor.”

Asked if she thinks she has come at the right time with her experience and knowledge during this sad time for Samoa Fonoifafo said yes.

“I definitely think that I am at the right place at the right time, and I am a firm believer in God’s plan and I believe that God had this plan all along,” she said.

“My background in nursing is public health and I have been vaccinating children since my 3rd year going into practice so I have experience in the field of measles and vaccination so it does work to my benefit that I am here at this time with our people during this crisis.”

“I have skills and knowledge that I am able to utilize here in our country and I plan on doing just that.”