Rocketman Movie Ban Not A Big Deal For ‘Fa’afafine’

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  • Fa'afafine Association President, Alex Su'a.
    Fa'afafine Association President, Alex Su'a.

The ban on the biopic Rocketman based on the life of singer Elton John is not a major concern for the Fa’afafine Association.

Association President, Alex Su’a, said so when asked for a reaction by Newsline Samoa.

The biopic carried several same sex scenes that failed to win the approval of the censors.

“A lot of people are saying what is the Fa’afafine re-action,” Su’a pondered.

“Why us, what’s so important about out reaction? I would say there is no reaction, we are not really disappointed or upset with it.”

Su’a felt that the censor’s ban applied only to public viewing either in movie theaters or sold in video shops.

Private viewing, however, is a different matter and it is why they are not disappointed or upset as ‘fa’afafine.’

“Let’s be smart about it, why would you be upset when you can download the movie for free from the Internet and watch it in your own space?”

Su’a brushed the ban aside as no big deal to the Fa’afafine Association except for the business communities who earn money from selling the movie through the cinema or DVD shops.

“I think they are the ones who are hurt the most, including the fans of Elton john.”

A similar unhappy re-action pointed out that the other people not necessarily ‘fa’afafine’ are bound to be disappointed because they may have wanted to watch the movie.

Su’a did finally admit the message that came across from the ban was of discrimination against same sex love scene rather than between opposite genders.

The question was posed at why the censoring allows for scenes between opposite sex and not the same sex.

“Is he now saying that Christian principles allow sexual scenes between a man a woman and doesn’t support sexual scenes between a man and another man and a woman and another woman?

“Does our culture say that?

“There are a lot of inconsistencies, Christian principles and values and our cultural values is a huge conflict.”

Su’a did acknowledge that the Censoring official is doing his job as empowered by the law to determine what should or should not be allowed for public viewing.