Concerned Father Wants More Family Focus

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  • ​​​​​​​ 64 year old Vaiuta Pasefika Ioane of Malaela Falealili
    ​​​​​​​ 64 year old Vaiuta Pasefika Ioane of Malaela Falealili

Fathers should take a more bold approach in protecting their families to lessen the negative effects that many are experiencing in today’s society in Samoa.

This is what 64-year-old Vaiuta Pasefika Ioane of Malaela Falealili needs to emphasize on the celebration of Father’s Day around Samoa today.

Vaiuta believes that the changes in Samoa is on the fast lane and fathers are not making any effort to ensure that their families are well prepared for the modern influences of the western world.

“Fathers are the heads of the families however, in many families, many problems arise because fathers are not performing their roles,” Vaiauta observed.

He pointed to the responsibility of the father in the care of every child with the right information to raise them properly.

“ This is where the problem lies,” he continued.

 “Families that do not have father as leaders fall apart because they are not making it a priority to discuss family issues and to discipline the children and keep them in line.”

Vaiuta believes that a Samoan family without an active father is the sole reason for all the changes in Samoa at the moment.

He blasts the fathers for not making any effort to instill Samoan cultural and traditional values in the members of the family.

“You look around and you see families who are falling apart because fathers choose to drink instead of prioritizing curfew and family evening prayers.

“Fathers are not doing what they should be doing to set examples for their children who are growing up to learn from.

 The Falealili father spotted the differences from growing up in the old days where Samoan families gather every evening for prayers and family home evening.

The teaching of faa-Samoa to children was also the main role of the fathers back then.  

“Today the social life is more important to fathers with many friends, either playing pool in the evening, or even not present in everything the family deals with.

“This is what our nation lacks especially in most of the families who are experiencing problems.”

Vaiuta added that the role of fathers is to provide for the families however, some families, fathers take the role lightly, leaving others with the responsibilities while they also become dependent as they should not.

“This is not leading by example. The role of a father is to provide for the family and in some communities and families, fathers do not act their roles because they have other priorities. What they should be doing as fathers is to lead by example by taking families to church, and that is one church and often pray together for the good ness of the family.”

Vaiuta attended Satalo Falealili Primary School then went on to attend the Poutasi Secondary School. Taking care of 9 children (3 boys and 6 girls), Vaiuta told Newsline Samoa that it is his main responsibility to provide for his children.

Owning a business where he provides for public needs in produce and different Samoan products, Vaiuta said that his age does not slow him down from the role he knows should not be taken for granted.

“I am one of those old fathers who still try to provide for the family. With limited education, I raise my kids in a way that I don’t want to regret later. I work hard to make sure they are provided with and I teach them to live according to the law. My sons understand what is in my heart and with prayer that they will not disappoint me in the future, they do not want to jeopardize our relationship because I let them know what they should do and what I expect of them.”

“Even through the cold and hot weather, I travel from Falealili to ensure I supply for local demands in what we are selling whether it be bananas, coconut, natural Samoan oil or other fruits of my labour in our Falealili plantation.”

Vaiuta believes that as the nation changes, Samoa still need to celebrate Father’s Day because Fathers are important and they are the heads of every family. 

“We see fathers neglect their responsibilities and that is when the burden is upon the mothers. However, what they are not following is what they need to be doing for basic need of their families. Their role is important and Samoa should remember that as mothers are important, fathers are also important as they should be honored during Father’s Day.”