‘Big and Small’ Inspire Female Staff With Fun Times

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  • 'Big and Small' staff have fun at work
    'Big and Small' staff have fun at work

Business owner Margaret Feesago says work can't always be boring and in an effort to create an enjoyable atmosphere for her female staff, fun events were launched just in time to celebrate the 57th Independence Day last week.

She told Newsline Samoa last week's Patriotic Competition was the first in a series of events for Big & Small of Samoa, the pink and black-themed shop that opened its second location in the heart of Apia recently.

"The patriotic competition started out because we were just talking and we were trying to figure out something fun for our staff to do maybe every other two weeks or a monthly thing for them to be excited to come to work and to acknowledge their performance and their hard work," Feesago said.

"It just so happened that independence was right around the corner and then we decided to have the competition. So it's going to be an ongoing thing, not just for Independence. Maybe we'll have a crazy hair day competition and it's to acknowledge out staff for all their hard work and making the workplace fun. Going to work you should be able to go to work and love what you do. Work can't always be boring."

Employees were required to dress up in a patriotic costume, show up to work and enter the competition held on Saturday, 1 June, 2019.

Margaret and her husband/business partner George Feesago judged the costumes and four winners were crowned after photographs of  competitors were placed on Facebook for voting.

 Sivanessa Vaitogi and Ruth Iosua in their Samoa flag dresses tied for first place. Celestina Achica Lafaele won second place and fourth place was Loriah Aiuta.

Big & Small opened its first location in Fugalei in November 2017. Their second location on the ground floor of the Accident Compensation Corporation  (ACC) Building opened the week before Mother's Day 2019.

Independence Day also inspired the business owners to pitch in and help decorate the ACC Building for 1 June.

"We helped decorate the ACC Building with Samoa flags. It was our contribution. We were just feeling proud about our country and we wanted to pitch in with the decorations," Margaret said.

" We were feeling proud to be Samoan and celebrating independence, having the new spot and what not so we just thought that we should contribute to getting the building decked out for Independence."

Big & Small sells a wide range of merchandise including stylish sunglasses, women's accessories, make-up, clothing, sandals and shoes.

Car audio equipment was added to their stock six months ago.