God Decides Life and Death - PM

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Mataeliga Pio Sioa, Newsline Samoa newspaper editor. A veteran journalist in broadcast and print media.

  • Tuilaepa leaves it to God to decide
    Tuilaepa leaves it to God to decide

Faith in the overriding will of God has left the Prime Minister, Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi, unconcerned by any plot to have him killed.

His reaction on national radio yesterday, was the first time he has responded publicly to an alleged murder conspiracy on his life.

 “ God has already worked out the time a person dies and how,” he recalled his response to a similar threat made on his life more than a decade ago.

Tuilaepa believed that he could easily slip on a ripe banana peel also and be killed when he hit his head on a hard rock.

“If it’s written in God’s book of life that I will die by slipping on a ripe banana peel, then that’s how I’m going to be tkoe’d, not by people planning to have me tkoe’d.”

Police have arrested four people so far, since the alleged plot was uncovered  quite recently. 

The plotters are scheduled to appear in court next week, each charged with one count of conspiracy to murder the Government leader.

Tuilaepa downplayed the murder threat as part of the risks that comes with the job for any leader - religious, cultural or government.

He also accepted that there will always be people who conspire and scheme against any leadership and in any country.

There were similar threats in the past that he was warned about by the police but were not made public.

“My concern for people like these is they don’t sleep well… they are never happy except when they conspire to do wrong.

“ But like I said, they are in every country and are usually big headed, egotistical, and they want to show off and be known by people.”

The PM repeated an earlier reaction to allegations that the trouble makers are Samoans who live outside the country in Australia and New Zealand.

His disappointment is these are the same people who have benefitted from the effort by Government, to make it possible for them to move out and start up a family outside Samoa.

“ If you are living in New Zealand or Australia make use of the opportunity Government worked hard to make possible.

“Look for a job and take advantage of the opportunities to raise a family instead of scheming bad things for the country at home. 

“Don’t worry about Samoa we have people running the Government.”

The Prime Minister said the alleged murder conspiracy were he is being targeted is now a police matter.

 “ I’ve left it with them.”