Dear Oh Dear ………….a world of a difference

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  • Reaching for a better world
    Reaching for a better world


The smiles on the faces of the mental patients at the TTM Unit says a million blessings about our golden boy Parker turning up to give them their special moment.

It shouldn’t matter if they don’t know anything about the champion boxer or just vaguely.

As long as they get to wear boxing gloves and swing at the punching bag….that is all that matters.

They are in their own elements and if it looks like they are having a good time in our world we should pat ourselves in the back for a job well done.

Pray at the same time also that we don’t cross over to their side.

For some of us all it takes is an overhand right from Parker and we may wake up in a whole new world only they know about.

“…..what makes you think you’re not in their world already, dear?