SNPF Paid Out More than $3 Million on Dividends On First Day

  • CEO Pauli Prince Suhren of SNPF
    CEO Pauli Prince Suhren of SNPF

The Samoa National Provident Fund paid out more than $3 million tala to its contributors who turned up to cash out their 3 per cent of the 10% dividend on their contributions this week on Monday .

CEO Pauli Prince Suhren of SNPF told Newsline that the Fund started paying out the dividends on Monday.

He said that more than $3 million was also taken out on loans on the same day by the contributors.

“This week, more than six million tala was paid out by S.N.P.F on Monday,” Pauli said.

The three percent disbursement to members will end on the 31 October 2018 and members who do not have want to cash out their 3 percent will be credited to their account by the 31st October.

Pensioners who are still in the workforce with their NPF account still active, are eligible to the 3 percent interest Pauli said.

Pauli said the disbursement has gone well as the people have been very cooperative enabling NPF staff members to carry out their work with ease.