Single Use Plastic  Water Bottles Banned At Sports Venues

The 2019 Pacific Games is not just a platform for promoting sports in the region but it is a platform that will be used to advocate plastics and pollution issues.

Plastic is a deadly product if it is mismanaged  Faumuina Anthony Talouli Pollution Adviser at the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Programme SPREP stated at a media workshop last week.

Village Council Should Be Informed Of Seasonal Workers

The village councils should be informed of the people in the villages selected for the Recognised Seasonal Workers Scheme before they leave so they are able to give them advice.

One village pulenu’u told Newsline that a talk from the village council would reinforce the advice given by the Ministry of Commerce Industry and Labour MCIL.

Owners Overlook Dangers Of Land Mining On Private Land

Safety risks from land mining on private property are being overlooked by many of the owners, unaware of the dangers to lives.

The concern, however, has become an on going struggle for the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, to monitor and enforce safety regulations for families to follow.

 MNRE Assistant CEO, Safuta Mr. Toelau Iulio of Land Management worry over the dangers posed by landslides to public lives.

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