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Final year college students are to sit the national Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC) exam this week starting on Tuesday right up to Friday.

The Ministry of Education is taking into consideration the measles epidemic and overseas travel for students who are unable to sit.

 Ombudsman Maiava Iulai Toma, has made it clear that the rights of the parents to deny the children measles vaccination is overruled when it comes to the safety of children in a deadly health epidemic.

He gave his position in response to the current argument of the rights of parents to decide what is best for their children that included not having them vaccinated.

A roadside brawl in front of a busy supermarket next to the main road at Vailoa, threatened public safety when it spilled onto the road.

Eyewitness reported empty bottles and rocks flying around and onto oncoming traffic.

The violence broke out between two groups of men at around 9.00pm in the evening, according to people who were present when it happened.

New Zealand Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters is not ready to accept fingers pointed at the New Zealand measles outbreak, as the origins of the virus that started the epidemic in Samoa.

“There are 10 million cases of the measles in the world and the source of the virus in Samoa is not known,” Peters added as a footnote in a meeting with the media on Friday.

The national state of emergency over the measles epidemic is extended for another two weeks, past Christmas Day to the 29th of December 2019.

The Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi made the formal announcement only hours ago inside his office.

There are still 16,000 thousand people to be vaccinated, according to the PM.  The pulenu'u mop up operation has so far recorded 1342 unvaccinated people, 579 are 19 years and under with 763 above the younger age group.



The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Ministry of Justice and Courts Administration (MJCA) Papali’i John Taimalelagi Afele has clarified the rules for photography at the courthouse in Mulinu’u.

During an interview yesterday, he said currently there is no written law that prohibits capturing photographs in the courtrooms but the Ministry is working on formalizing a law or an act to address photographs in the courtrooms.

A Samoan woman at Palmerston North New Zealand has dried up her tears and  put her hand up for her homeland facing a deadly measles epidemic.

Fatima Sae has family in Samoa but has refused to remain helpless and to take the lead in doing something to help .

Pain could be heard in her voice at the loss of life in Samoa as the death toll continues to rise with 72 deaths and 78 new cases recorded in the last 24 hours.

Food and children clothing were among the loads that were trucked to the Ministry of Health on Wednesday from a group of Chinese businesses to help with the measles epidemic effort.

The Princessa Chain Stores, ICY Water Company Ltd, Payless Company Limited, DLY and Treasure Garden made up the donor group.

 The assistance is reportedly something the group had talked about for a while.

As of 11th November 2019 there have been 716 suspected or confirmed measles cases, an increase of 203 over the previous week. Measles cases have been recorded in all inhabited areas of Samoa, three quarters of whom reside in Upolu.

Government ‘pulenuu’ or village representatives are already hard at work, in a mop up operation for families who missed out on the emergency vaccination last week.

An unscheduled meeting of ‘Pulenu’u’ on Wednesday helped to brief them of new plans to spread out into the villages to confirm people who are still not vaccinated.

A warning reminder to the pubic with the numerous sightings of children in public gatherings was issued this morning from the National Emergency Operation Centre, NEOC.

The warning comes on the last week of the National State of Emergency declared for four weeks.

Shops are struggling to meet the demand for face masks as the measles epidemic goes under a state of emergency.

People are being advised to wear face masks to stop the spread of the disease which has taken a human toll.

Stores and pharmacies have been selling since the measles reached the epidemic stage some have run out due to the demand.

Maria’s Health Care Pharmacy is one which is currently out of stock and is awaiting a new order.

By  Staff Writer 

“It looks like it is coming own but mortality either remains or will continue to rise depending on the status of admissions in hospitals and new ones to develop.”

Staff Writer

The total number of Samoans finding employment in New Zealand’s Recognised Seasonal Employment RSE Scheme in  the  fiscal year 2018/ 2019  is 2473.  


Deidre Fanene

The man who broke into the Police Station and stole a portion of the marijuana seized from the Faleatiu raid last month appeared in Supreme Court this week.

Pauli Lapana 55 is facing charges of unlawful entry when he broke into the Apia Police Station last month.

He was unrepresented, and prosecution Fuifui Ioane asked the court if the matter could be adjourned for two weeks so they could finalise charges.

A Samoan and Tongan missionaries at the Lae Mission of the Church of Latter Day Saints, LDS, in Papua New Guinea, are recovering from a recent violent attack on them.

The church men were kidnapped and assaulted on Friday 11 October 2019 by a group of people.

The violence was confirmed in an official statement yesterday, sent to the LDS Church President Sapele Faalogo (Area Seventy), from media officials of the church in Utah, USA.

Deidre Fanene

Traditional healer and prominent anti - vaccination Edwin Tamasese has been granted bail with strict conditions.

Tamasese was charged with incitement against the government vaccination order last week Thursday following a post that he made on social media stating:

"I'll be here to mop up your mess.

"Enjoy your killing spree," Tamasese wrote.

Deidre Fanene


The photo of the young mother of a dead baby whose body was found at the Mulifanua Wharf recently is not to made public.

District Court Judge Alalatoa Rosella Papalii issued a court order on Tuesday on the ban.

The mother had already pleaded guilty to concealing the dead body.


Check out the ‘palagi visitors’ this whole week at the Malaefatu Park.  Having them around and seeing them take part is one of the key measures of success for the Teuila Festival.

The more ‘palagis’ around and joining in the fun, the bigger the smiles for the Samoa Visitors Bureau.

The Minister of Tourism will have some happy stories to tell the Government and the country about the annual festival.

Always when the talk is about body language, facial expressions is the most easily read.  A smile is a good sign. Tears are not. Burning red eyes, furrowed forehead and wide nostrils breathing hot air are warnings.

There are other facial gestures as well.  Study these two photos and you will see signs of stress and strain.

These are normal signs linked to people saddled with some serious responsibilities. 

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