Justice Mata Tuatagaloa, Oral Ruling On Kolani Jnr. Lam Murder Of CEO Wife Sa'u Justina Sa'u, Supreme Court Thursday 19 December 2019 

Counsels a full written judgment with reasons will be provided at a later date but this is the court’s brief decision in oral.

Defendant Kolani Lam is charged with three main offenses, the charge of murder, the alternative charge of manslaughter, the assault and the attempt to defeat the course of justice.

I’ll deal first with the assault and the attempt to defeat the course of justice before I can deal with the murder charge.


BREAKING NEWS : Kolani Jnr. Lam Guilty Of Murder

By Deidre Fanene


Kolani Junior Lam, was ruled guilty a few hours ago in court for the murder of his wife, CEO Sa’u Justina Sa’u.

Justice Mata Tuatagaloa sentenced him to automatic life imprisonment for murder at the Tanumalala Prison.

Lam was also found guilty of ‘Attempting To Defeat The Course of Justice” when he tried to influence the testimony of a key witness in the murder hearing.

Commissioner Fuiavailili A Lead From The Front Man

Deidre Fanene

Police Commissioner, Fuiavailili Egon Keil, is not a sit in the office general.  He is a lead from the front leader and has proven it by leading several illegal drug raids in the villages.

He defended his frontline preferences to lead his police tactical team at the risk of his safety and protection as the kind of lead by example that suits him.

Third Arrest In 7 Month Old Leauva’a Mother’s Day Killing

Deidre Fanene

 A police arrest was made at the weekend in the killing of a 30 year old male at Leauva’a, 7 months since it happened on Mother’s Day earlier this year in May.

The arrest comes while two other suspects have already been charged and released on bail conditions to await court hearing next year.

Anti – Vaccinator Free On Bail

Deidre Fanene

Traditional healer and prominent anti - vaccination Edwin Tamasese has been granted bail with strict conditions.

Tamasese was charged with incitement against the government vaccination order last week Thursday following a post that he made on social media stating:

"I'll be here to mop up your mess.

"Enjoy your killing spree," Tamasese wrote.

Prisoner Pays For Rejecting Vaccination

Prison Minister Tialavea John Hunt has officially confirmed that only one prisoner has the measles and it was all his fault when he did not want to be vaccinated.

Aniseko Vaelei is no stranger to the public with regular prison escapes at the leaky Tafaigata Prison and even the brand new Tanumalala Prison failed as well when he became the first to break out of the new confinements.

Daring Thief Who Stole Marijuana From Police Station Appears In Court

Deidre Fanene

The man who broke into the Police Station and stole a portion of the marijuana seized from the Faleatiu raid last month appeared in Supreme Court this week.

Pauli Lapana 55 is facing charges of unlawful entry when he broke into the Apia Police Station last month.

He was unrepresented, and prosecution Fuifui Ioane asked the court if the matter could be adjourned for two weeks so they could finalise charges.

Inbound Travellers Warned Of Police Sniffing Canines 

Deidre Fanene

Inbound travellers by sea or air are warned of trained police dogs on duty at the main airports and seaports in Samoa that can sniff out illegal drugs.

Justice Leiataualesa Daryl Clark gave the warning at the sentencing of  Mr. Tafuna Tauialo who was caught in possession of the illegal substance meth or “ice” by police dogs.

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