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Ever thought about how this measles epidemic has put so much strain in the eyes because of the heart?

It normally starts off with a lump in the chest.  It comes in varying weights, light, medium, heavy and super heavy.

The heart holds the remote control. When people and organisations donate service or assistance, the lump is heavy but light medium.

Statement by the Secretary General Pacific Islands Forum and Pacific Ocean Commissioner at the 2019 United Nations Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC COP 25)

Madam President,

One more fatality is added to the measles death toll that now stands at 71 in the  late 24 hour Update Report 25.

This is compared to none in the previous 24 hour  Updated Report 24.

New recorded cases continue to slip with 83 recorded compared to 87 in the previous update.

The Ministry of Health confirms a total of 4,898 measles cases

The cancellation of scheduled cruise ship arrivals at the end of this year is felt by the taxi service.

It is one of the peak periods of business they look forward to every year leading into the holiday season.

But many of the taxi operators were understanding about the health fears of the  tourists as well.

 Enoka Fiai'i who operates under Paradise Taxi Stand, thinks health should be a priority.

More medical teams are making their way to Samoa from New Zealand to to join the medical teams working with the measles epidemic.

Dr. Penehuro Tapelu and senior nurse Ms. Kailua Faafoi  are from the Porirua-based primary health care provider, Pacific Health Plus, in a joint project with Pacific Cooperation Foundation.

“This is Pacific Health Plus trying to do what we can for our Samoan brothers and sisters,” says John Fiso, chairman of Pacific Health Plus.



Tax default notices served to ‘faifeau’ or religious ministers in all the church denominations who have failed to file income taxes by the 15th July deadline, showed they each owe $5,000 in unpaid taxes.

The majority of ‘faifeau’ in default are of the EFKS Church, who rejected outright the notices served by the staff of the Ministry of Revenue.




SPREP : Lefaga College of Samoa won the Pacific Regional Invasive Species Schools Challenge in 2016 with a poster encouraging people to help stop the spread of invasive species.  It was this same winning entry that was revealed in a billboard on Friday 27 July, with a special ceremony at Lefaga College.



There’s no way to predict how post-traumatic assistance can impact a community as small as Poutasi, Falealili, or as big as China.

When it leads to positive outcomes, like the good things that followed the Samoa tsunami of Sept. 29, 2009 and the 2010 earthquake in China, behavioural health experts call it “post-traumatic growth.”

One with a first hand experience of the tsunami in Samoa is Tuatagaloa Joe Annandale of Poutasi.

Advanced training in post-traumatic stress counselling is underway this week at the Seventh Day Adventist Maota ole Senetenari, Lalovaea.

Dr. Buckles, Dean of the School of Behavioral Health, Professor and Chair of the Department of Social Work and Social Ecology at Loma Linda University in California, is heading the learning exercise.

She leads a team of five professors and 12 graduate students to Samoa to conduct the training.

There is no sign of “Renang” sardines in Samoa, a brand of tinned fish packaged in China, pulled from the market in Malaysia late June after authorities discovered parasitic worms in the product.

None of the major wholesalers in Samoa – Ah Liki, Chan Mow, Frankie’s, Farmer Joe’s, Ah Fook and Bargain – carry the brand.

This was discovered during a phone survey conducted by Newsline Samoa after it received public concerns about the canned food, in particular the brand called “Renang.”

More members have been added to Samoa’s Bar with the admission of six lawyers yesterday.

The admission ceremony was presided over by the Chief Justice of Samoa Patu Falefatu Sapolu.

The six were admitted after successfully completing their Professional Diploma in Legal Practice PDLP.

One of the lawyers admitted yesterday was 25 year old Quentin Sauaga of Vaiusu of the Office of the Attorney General.

Sauaga said he was attracted to the law profession because he has siblings who are lawyers and also because it’s a good profession.

A Samoan student enrolled at Samuel Marsden Collegiate School in Wellington, New Zealand left the island this week greatly impressed by a first time visit to Savai’’i.

“I’ve been to Samoa twice before but only to Upolu and Apia,” said 17-year-old Annabelle Jessop.

“We were just in Savai’i and we were staying in beach fale close to Safotu village and helping the kids out in the church out there.”

Annabelle, Year 13, is one of nine students who represented Marsden in their annual Savai’i trip. 

More painting and art workshops from New York-based Artist Dan Taulapapa McMullin, a man of many talents – are in the works for Samoa.

"I'm working with Yuki Kihara on developing more painting and art workshops for developing artists in Samoa," McMullin told Newsline Samoa from Hudson, New York. "We're hoping to have this in place for sometime next year."

The Catholic Youth fellowship in Samoa earned high praises from the young people themselves who described the experience as positive and meaningful. 

The gathering opened on Tuesday before dispersing for their various activities and last Friday they congregated at Leauva’a for more planned events.

Appreciation of Samoan culture was identified by many of the young Catholic Newsline talked to as something they would take back with them.

PACER Plus, the Pacific Agreement of Closer Economic Relations to which two days of regional trade talks were dedicated at the Tanoa Tusitala Hotel this week, is a bad deal for Samoa.

This is the view of local businessman Papali’i Grant Percival who says when it comes to “holding sticks,” the much talked about free trade agreement that covers goods, services and investment, leaves Samoa “with no stick.”

“Part of the problem we’ve got right now is their (Australia and New Zealand) goods come into Samoa for free,” he said in response to inquiries from Newsline Samoa.

Not all missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, return to their Ward, Stake, village and nation with honour.

Some missionaries don't make it home at all.

For that reason, the homecoming of every Latter-Day Saint missionary is counted as an immeasurable blessing to his and her family, Ward, village, hometown and the LDS Church worldwide.

After two years in the mission field, the Key family and Alamagoto Ward celebrate today their first Sunday since the return of 22-year-old Return Missionary (formerly Elder) Joseph Fofoga Key.




The Loto Taumafai School at Vaitele may boast of the ‘best learning environment‘ for people with disabilities, but not all of them wish to take advantage of the facilities.

 Frictions between the school and some of the leadership in the disability communities are partly responsible.


Seneuefa Foetuese

The Vaimea Primary School and Faleata College are the best when it comes to spelling.

They are the winner of a national spelling contest for schools this year.

Vaimea Primary won in the Primary Section and the win is the first for the Primary School. It’s the second win for Faleata College.



Dancing as a way to empower youth is a message the SPACE dancing group promotes.

They are taking this message to the community.

One of the members of SPACE (Samoa Performance Art Creative Excellence) Miss Fetuoletapuitea Leilua said the message they are telling the youths is that dancing provides opportunities for them in life.

“Taking dancing out to the community will help the youth in the villages to build up their dancing talents,” Leilua told Newsline. “ This is an opportunity for them to learn new dances.



That’s the sigh of relief Manu Samoa fans in Samoa and across the globe are breathing after the team secured its spot in the Rugby World Cup 2019 set in Japan.


That’s the song of praise the nation was singing early Sunday, 15 July when the ‘Men in Blue’ delivered on the badly needed victory over Germany. 

The hosts were leading 15-14 at half time, leaving the fans at home on the edge until the final minutes of the game when Samoa surged to the lead with three late tries to win.

Final score was 42-28.

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