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A Methodist pastor who is facing sex charges in connection to a victim under 16 years old who was living with him  has pleaded guilty to all charges against him.

Tugia Tuliau who was serving at Satalo Falealili had his ordained role stripped by the church after he admitted to the allegations against him.

The Samoa Rugby Union has learned with sadness of the untimely passing of a member of the recently announced U23 training squad.

Joseph Une was identified as an up and coming player with potential for higher rugby honours and chosen to represent his country.

...where you don't argue with these guys. When they point the finger at where you go...just go. 

Look closely and you'll see he's holding in his hand at the same time a pen.  Somewhere in his shirt or pants is his little notebook to take down your name and all the other details needed to issue you a citation or ticket for traffic violation.  These fellas don't like talking too much. So when they point...move it. 

Sleeping through the Friday night earthquake was a blessing. Waking up to the ‘nightmare’ some people imagined about the earthquake, was not.

 “There was a sudden sharp snap and the whole house shook it felt like the roof was going to coming crashing down on us,” was one frightened account by someone who was awake.

The thought of having the roof crush the breath out of you or even worse as you sleep was scary. What horror.

The Friday police drug raid at Faleatiu was a must.   But it’s not enough to sweep across the village farming backyard now and then?

Lives are at risk for everyone…the police tactical squad , village residents and even the innocent bystanders, when these armed attacks are carried out.

Faleatiu has built a notorious and feared reputation as the main village supplier of the illegal drug marijuana.


“The most important tools of management are to delegate your duties and follow up.”-Tuilaepa Dr. Sailele Malielegaoi.

The Prime Minister called for urgent action on improvement of services by the government ministries in a CEO Forum held yesterday at the TATTE Convention Centre.

Prime Minister Tuilaepa Dr. Sailele Malielegaoi in his keynote address highlighted the need to improve the standard of services provided by the government ministries to the public.

APIA, Samoa - The Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele, went full blast in Parliament yesterday to condemn the EFKS Church defiance of the new law for all members of the clergy to pay income tax.

A total of 135 organisations, businesses, schools, villages and government ministries and corporations were part of the long independence march, in the commemoration of 56 years since Samoa became independent from imperial rule.

Most of the marchers were school children from primary and secondary schools. 

Old Pupils Associations and the government ministries and corporations followed them.


The Samoa National Provident Fund paid out more than $3 million tala to its contributors who turned up to cash out their 3 per cent of the 10% dividend on their contributions this week on Monday .

CEO Pauli Prince Suhren of SNPF told Newsline that the Fund started paying out the dividends on Monday.

He said that more than $3 million was also taken out on loans on the same day by the contributors.

“This week, more than six million tala was paid out by S.N.P.F on Monday,” Pauli said.

A hundred and five police officers moved up the ranks in a special promotion ceremony yesterday.

Six police officers went up to superintendent rank; 10 became inspectors, 15 as senior sergeants; 40 as sergeants and 34 corporals.

The ceremony at the EFKS Youth Hall at Sogi was witnessed by proud families and friends.

Minister of Police who is also Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi gave the keynote address.

Tuileapa reminded the officers of their service as police officers as a calling from the Lord and that they should be committed to their work.

Police have confirmed that speeding was behind the cause of a car accident that tragically cost the life of an 18 year old boy from Tuanaimato and Alafua.

The youth was instantly killed when the car he was driving crashed at Saleufi this week.

The incident occurred at round 11pm Sunday night in front of the Mai Company building with the vehicle identified as a Subaru registration number 18051.

APIA, Samoa - Today Samoa celebrates 56 years since it became independent from colonial rule.

Today continues a political history Samoa started more than 50 years ago as the first Pacific nation to gain independence. 

It was the first time Samoans took up leadership on their own, at the birth of Samoa as a nation 

That is what today’s celebration is about. It’s not only about achieving independence but what we have achieved as an independent nation.

Tiavea Primary School held its own independence celebration yesterday, a day before the whole country celebrates.

This was the first time for the school to hold this event.

A teacher of the school Sulu Tali told Newsline they were hosting the event to put across the message that a country’s independence is important and valued. 

“They may not participate in the actual celebration but we want them to have a feel of the spirit of independence celebrations,” Tali told Newsline.“ It is important for students to know about the meaning of independence.

Including everyone in the financial system is the focus of the meeting of the Pacific Islands Regional Initiative PIRI which Samoa is hosting this week.

The meeting started off with a meeting of the officials from the central banks of the Pacific Islands yesterday. 

The focus of the meeting the Governor of the Central Bank of Samoa Maiava Atalina Ainuu Enari said is financial inclusion for all.

Contribution blend by the church, village councils and government is vital to maintaining harmony and peace in Samoa.

This was a message from the Head of State of Samoa His Highness Tuimaleali’ifano Va’aleto’a Sualauvi II in his address at the 56th Celebration of Samoa’s Independence.

The Head of State made reference to the unrest last week between the youth of the villages of Salelologa and Salelavalu and praised the role of the village councils and the church ministers for bringing peace.


A growing challenge facing countries now is how to fight criminal activities being committed in the cyberspace.

Samoa is already experiencing these illegal activities which are growing more in sophistication and must be more aware, better equipped and prepared to deal with these crimes.

A more effective way for Samoa to protect against them is to strengthen its laws and to build the capacity of its law enforcers.

SAVAII, Samoa - Vendors at Salelologa Market were forced to knock off early when youths from Salelologa turned up and caused havoc at the market on Monday morning.

One stall owner, Saafia Petelo had a horror story to tell Newsline of her personal experience.

“ People were terrified and fleeing the market leaving their goods behind as the youth approached,” Petelo said.
Saafia Petelo from Samalaeulu was already at the market on Monday morning selling her Samoan tobacco when the unwanted visitors turned up at 10am.


For the first time in 10 straight internationals, Samoa’s rugby is finally able to walk off the paddock head held high, smiles all around. 

So what if Germany is known more as a world soccer stronghold rather than rugby? A win is a win and the Manu Samoa will take it. Gladly.

The losing drought has lasted a while. At long last we can taste once again the thrill of victory – for too long we have wallowed in the agonies of defeat.

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