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If you want to break up an association or organisation, the suggestion is to grant them loads of money to spend.

The thinking is that the funding will be pocketed or misused by a privileged few, members will quickly lose trust and pull out.

Happened lots of time so it was claimed.

A week or so ago the claim was debated over a new professional association of public servants not trusted to look after their own bank account.

Racial hatred is only part of a bigger worry in the continuing series of violence in the Vaitele urban residential area, following the weekend attack that killed one Chinese national and injured three others.

Mr. Cao Yaqing, was killed in an alleged home invasion attack on Saturday night, inside the staff residence of the Pacific Trade Industrial Company, owned by a Chinese businessman.

Walking into the hospital emergency ward these past few days, is like falling into a ninja world, if you’re new around the place.

It’s no surprise if only the nurses and the doctors were wearing facemasks.  What is cause for pause is when almost every non medical person in the place were masked up too.

Your defenses are immediately on the alert. Your eyes dart everywhere trying to anticipate a ninja jumping out at you from nowhere with a kung fu chop.

The Ministry of Health is bracing for an anticipated “influx of sick people as a result of measles outbreak. 

The office of the Director General of Health, Leausa Dr. Take Naseri, issued a media statement this morning to outline a strategic action plan to respond to the public health demands:

MEDIA RELEASE: Of the 28 specimens of suspected measles cases sent to Victorian Infectious Disease Reference Laboratory Melbourne, Australia on the 30th Sept 2019, twelve (12) results have been received over the week end. Of these twelve there were four confirmed cases; one adult and three children. All have been treated and discharged with no complications.


Reverend Faulalo Leti is the new president of the Methodist Church. He will replace Reverend Apineru Lafai.

The Church has also elected a new Secretary. He is Reverend Eteuati Tuioti.

Rev Leti and Rev Tuioti will step into their new positions next year but they will continue with their current executive in place for this year.

Rev Leti is currently the Secretary of the Church while Rev Tuioti is the head of the America Synod.

Rev Ellice Soliola continues as the Church Treasurer.

Autopsies were done yesterday on the bodies of the babies who allegedly died from immunisation injections for measles, mumps and rubella. 

But more forensic tests are needed to conclusively establish the cause of death.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Health, Leausa Dr. Take Naseri, who gave Newsline the update, added that it is still early days yet.

“It would be too ambitious to hope to determine the cause this week, there are lab tests that have to be done, “ Leausa said.

(The following is a press statement issued by the Director Genearl of Health, Leausa Dr. Take Naseri on the death of two baby toddlers in Savai'i last Friday 6 July 2018)

Vaccine-related Deaths Samoa

Situational update
Two babies, both aged 12 months, died after receiving their first dose of the MMR vaccine at Safotu District Hospital in Savai’i, Samoa, on Friday 6 July 2018.

The death of these two babies is a tragedy for all concerned, and our thoughts and prayers are with their parents, families and communities. 

Health shockwaves washed across the country this week, at the death of two 1-year-old baby toddlers, a boy and a girl, shortly after a routine vaccination injection, to protect against measles, mumps and rubella.

The fatal incident occurred last Friday at a scheduled immunisation injection clinic at Safotu, as part of a routine exercise, underway at the same time also in other health centres and district hospitals in Savai’i.

Two church schools in Samoa received donations totalling $40,000 tala from South Queensland Seventh Day Adventist schools in Australia.

The Seventh Day Adventist School at Lalovaea was gifted with $30,000 and Siufaga Seventh Day Adventist School with $10,000, to assist with the development of their schools.

Several S.D.A Church schools in South Queensland, fundraised to assist the children in Samoa.

The donation was presented by a group of school principals with the Director of the South Queensland Seventh Day Adventist Schools Mr Jack Ryan.

The Ministry of Fisheries is on extra alert for the export of some of the popular seafood for commercial profits, to prevent from draining local marine food sources.

Worried concerns were raised as recent as the last session of Parliament at the rapid depletion rate the gau (sea hare), fugafuga and mama’o (sea cucumbers) are disappearing from our local waters.

A local exporter is facing court charges for the alleged shipment of the seafood despite the legal ban on export that is already in place.

An American group of young people were taken to heart by families at Magiagi Village for helping build a couple of ‘fale,’ as part of a humanitarian project for the less fortunate.

The 23-member group from 16 to 19 years old all members of the Church of the Latter Day Saints, from the Humanitarian Experience for Youth (HEFY), a non-Governmental organisation in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

The boys and girls worked on building a family ‘fale’ in the village as a group project.

The main assembly for the annual Methodist Church Conference starts today.

Pre-assembly meeting for women delegates from Samoa and overseas had started last week.


Manu Samoa 7’s skipper Alatasi Tupou is back again with the national team for the Rugby World Cup 7s in San Francisco, US.

Coach, Sir Gordon Tietjens named Tupou among a team of 14 players selected into the squad.

Tupou was sent back in disgrace from playing in the final series of the World Rugby International Circuit, in England and France to front up to drunk driving court charges at home.

He was also suspended for two weeks for breach of contract.

Seneuefa Foetuese
Samoa Basketball Association would like to play more games overseas in their preparations for the Pacific Games in Samoa next year.

This is one of the problems that the Association is facing. 

Pauga Tavu’i Talalelei Pauga the President of the Basketball Association said they would like to send their teams to overseas tournaments in Australia and New Zealand and other big countries to give them confidence. But they are limited by finance.

But they have however managed to send their three on three team to China to compete in the Asia Cup.


The majority of employers would like to see the graduates have work experience before taking jobs for it is advantageous for them as well as the graduates.

This is a finding of a survey done by the Samoa Qualification Authority SQA this year.

The Survey Report stated that employers would like graduates to have work experience and trainings or carry out practical exercises in a workplace before graduating or applying for a job. Doing this will benefit the graduate and also the employer.



Police have stepped up watch on speeding vehicles on the road inside central Apia, since the death of a teenage boy last Sunday allegedly for speed driving.

Police have already determined that the cause of the fatal accident was from speeding, but could not confirm if it was part of any planned ‘boy racing’ activities on the road.

Police Commissioner, Fuiavailili Egon Keil alleged that the accident was the result of a car race.

“According to investigators, there was a race but it wasn’t a car show or anything,” the Commissioner said.

A week or so from today, a group of delegates from the Asia and Pacific regions will decide whether or not Samoa is safe enough to be trusted with their new money laundering legislation.

The indications so far are the vote will favour full approval of our legislated promise to stand up against the criminal elements responsible.

We have as yet to convict anyone of re-cycling ill gained money through our banking system. 

Our amended money laundering act gives the power to the Central Bank to move in quickly and seize any funds that may look suspicious. 

Child pornography online is rearing its criminal head into a serious new form of sexual exploitation of children in Samoa and other Pacific Islands.

This was brought to light in a workshop on cybercrime at the Taumeasina Resort Hotel during the week on the Budapest Convention.

The binding international treaty on cybercrime, serves as a guideline for any country developing legislations against cybercrime.

Police Commissioner, Fuiavailili Egon Keil is in his comfort zone after a ‘dangerous rifle’ that went missing 5 years ago was recovered during a police search and is now kept in a safe place.

The gun was used as an exhibit in a district court hearing when it went missing and the police stumbled into it while on follow up investigations into other missing guns.

“The gun that we found is a Springfield 7.62 round rifle, a very dangerous rifle that was found in our investigation into other things,” Commissioner Fuiavailili told the local media.

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