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The Apia Port Facilities is getting another upgrade worth USD$62m, signed over yesterday as a grant from the Asian Development Bank.

A major feature of the project is a breakwater protection barrier to significantly reduce the damaging waves effects on the safety of the port facilities.


Deidre Tautua – Fanene

Three young men are in police custody for the alleged assault of a Chinese businessman at Lotopa last week Saturday.

A statement by the Ministry of Police on Monday evening confirmed the arrests.

The suspects are now in police custody awaiting court appearances next month on the 1st of October.

The day did not end well for the two occupants of a small private car that crashed into the ditch at Fa’atoia yesterday.

The accident occurred next to the intersection at Fa’atoia and Leone around 5.00pm in the evening.

Bystanders reported that an elderly woman and her grown son were taken to the hospital for medical attention.

The car ended veered off the road and into the deep ditch onto its left side on the roadside.

Deidre Tautua – Fanene

A mother who allegedly struck and killed her 1-year-old baby girl on the head with the wooden handle of a broomstick earlier this year rejected manslaughter charges.

The Samalaeulu, Savaii, mother, denied four charges in connection with her daughter’s death before Justice Tafaoimalo Leilani Tuala – Warren.

Deidre Tautua – Fanene

A loving mother and grandmother is organising a proper burial for the bodies of the two dead babies who were abandoned in separate incidents.

She has also taken it upon herself to give each one a name in a show of humanity she wholeheartedly believe are entitled to like any other human being.


Seneuefa Foetuese
Samoa Basketball Association would like to play more games overseas in their preparations for the Pacific Games in Samoa next year.

This is one of the problems that the Association is facing. 

Pauga Tavu’i Talalelei Pauga the President of the Basketball Association said they would like to send their teams to overseas tournaments in Australia and New Zealand and other big countries to give them confidence. But they are limited by finance.

But they have however managed to send their three on three team to China to compete in the Asia Cup.


The majority of employers would like to see the graduates have work experience before taking jobs for it is advantageous for them as well as the graduates.

This is a finding of a survey done by the Samoa Qualification Authority SQA this year.

The Survey Report stated that employers would like graduates to have work experience and trainings or carry out practical exercises in a workplace before graduating or applying for a job. Doing this will benefit the graduate and also the employer.



Police have stepped up watch on speeding vehicles on the road inside central Apia, since the death of a teenage boy last Sunday allegedly for speed driving.

Police have already determined that the cause of the fatal accident was from speeding, but could not confirm if it was part of any planned ‘boy racing’ activities on the road.

Police Commissioner, Fuiavailili Egon Keil alleged that the accident was the result of a car race.

“According to investigators, there was a race but it wasn’t a car show or anything,” the Commissioner said.

A week or so from today, a group of delegates from the Asia and Pacific regions will decide whether or not Samoa is safe enough to be trusted with their new money laundering legislation.

The indications so far are the vote will favour full approval of our legislated promise to stand up against the criminal elements responsible.

We have as yet to convict anyone of re-cycling ill gained money through our banking system. 

Our amended money laundering act gives the power to the Central Bank to move in quickly and seize any funds that may look suspicious. 

Child pornography online is rearing its criminal head into a serious new form of sexual exploitation of children in Samoa and other Pacific Islands.

This was brought to light in a workshop on cybercrime at the Taumeasina Resort Hotel during the week on the Budapest Convention.

The binding international treaty on cybercrime, serves as a guideline for any country developing legislations against cybercrime.

Police Commissioner, Fuiavailili Egon Keil is in his comfort zone after a ‘dangerous rifle’ that went missing 5 years ago was recovered during a police search and is now kept in a safe place.

The gun was used as an exhibit in a district court hearing when it went missing and the police stumbled into it while on follow up investigations into other missing guns.

“The gun that we found is a Springfield 7.62 round rifle, a very dangerous rifle that was found in our investigation into other things,” Commissioner Fuiavailili told the local media.


Two church schools in Samoa received donations totalling $40,000 tala from South Queensland Seventh Day Adventist schools in Australia.

The Seventh Day Adventist School at Lalovaea was gifted with $30,000 and Siufaga Seventh Day Adventist School with $10,000, to assist with the development of their schools.

Several S.D.A Church schools in South Queensland, fundraised to assist the children in Samoa.

The donation was presented by a group of school principals with the Director of the South Queensland Seventh Day Adventist Schools Mr Jack Ryan.

The Ministry of Fisheries is on extra alert for the export of some of the popular seafood for commercial profits, to prevent from draining local marine food sources.

Worried concerns were raised as recent as the last session of Parliament at the rapid depletion rate the gau (sea hare), fugafuga and mama’o (sea cucumbers) are disappearing from our local waters.

A local exporter is facing court charges for the alleged shipment of the seafood despite the legal ban on export that is already in place.

An American group of young people were taken to heart by families at Magiagi Village for helping build a couple of ‘fale,’ as part of a humanitarian project for the less fortunate.

The 23-member group from 16 to 19 years old all members of the Church of the Latter Day Saints, from the Humanitarian Experience for Youth (HEFY), a non-Governmental organisation in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

The boys and girls worked on building a family ‘fale’ in the village as a group project.

The main assembly for the annual Methodist Church Conference starts today.

Pre-assembly meeting for women delegates from Samoa and overseas had started last week.

Rev Dr Ioane Asalele Lefauaitu Afoa has added two more books to his list of publications.

Rev Afoa launched two new books –O le Tala Lelei ia Iesu Keriso sa Fa’amaopoopo e Mataio (The Gospel According to Mathew) and O le Tala Lelei ia Iesu Keriso sa Tusia e Ioane (The Gospel According to John) yesterday Tuesday at the Methodist Hall.

The two books launched yesterday added to five already published.


‘Faifeau’ who failed to register under the new tax legislation, are now liable to have their bank accounts and land assets frozen, as decreed by the law.

The deadline for ‘faifeau’ serving in village congregations to register and declare income tax was last Saturday, 30th of June 2018.

All the ‘faifeau,’ who failed to sign up in time are immediately slapped with an 8.7% late registration penalty fee.

It is now up to the Commissioner of Revenue to undertake a tax assessment of all the unregistered ‘faifeau’ and serve them out.

Afamasaga Faauiga Palepua Mulitalo is the Ministry of Women Community and Social Development (M.W.C.S.D) new Chief Executive Officer.

Afamasaga is both humbled and honoured by her new role.

“I am very honoured that I have been recognised for services I have provided for government as well as our people. I am ready to take on the challenges and I will perform my duties to the best of my ability.”

Afamasaga has been working in government for 33 years before her promotion.

The Chinese Embassy has this week come out in full support of Samoa Airways, by arranging all travelling groups from Samoa to China, to fly the national carrier.

The embassy is making a start with a group of 19 local participants, off to attend a seminar in China on ‘The Development of Finance and Economics for Samoa of 2018 from 6-19 July.’

“Chinese Embassy plans to arrange all the Samoan participants to attend the Chinese Seminar through Samoa Airways in the future,” a press statement from China’s Embassy at Vailima confirmed.


Maria Valele and Fotutamai Tavita Lanu Penaia Teo were united in matrimony last Saturday and they felt it was the right time for them.

The couple courted for more than two years and Fotutamai said they had known each well to tie the knot.

It was not a courtship without challenges but Fotutamai confided love overcame all.

The couple who are both 25 years were married at the Latter Day Saints LDS Church at Pesega with the wedding reception held at the Faleula Stake Centre.

Their theme colour was silver.

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