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If you want to break up an association or organisation, the suggestion is to grant them loads of money to spend.

The thinking is that the funding will be pocketed or misused by a privileged few, members will quickly lose trust and pull out.

Happened lots of time so it was claimed.

A week or so ago the claim was debated over a new professional association of public servants not trusted to look after their own bank account.

Racial hatred is only part of a bigger worry in the continuing series of violence in the Vaitele urban residential area, following the weekend attack that killed one Chinese national and injured three others.

Mr. Cao Yaqing, was killed in an alleged home invasion attack on Saturday night, inside the staff residence of the Pacific Trade Industrial Company, owned by a Chinese businessman.

Walking into the hospital emergency ward these past few days, is like falling into a ninja world, if you’re new around the place.

It’s no surprise if only the nurses and the doctors were wearing facemasks.  What is cause for pause is when almost every non medical person in the place were masked up too.

Your defenses are immediately on the alert. Your eyes dart everywhere trying to anticipate a ninja jumping out at you from nowhere with a kung fu chop.

The Ministry of Health is bracing for an anticipated “influx of sick people as a result of measles outbreak. 

The office of the Director General of Health, Leausa Dr. Take Naseri, issued a media statement this morning to outline a strategic action plan to respond to the public health demands:

MEDIA RELEASE: Of the 28 specimens of suspected measles cases sent to Victorian Infectious Disease Reference Laboratory Melbourne, Australia on the 30th Sept 2019, twelve (12) results have been received over the week end. Of these twelve there were four confirmed cases; one adult and three children. All have been treated and discharged with no complications.



Three tropical cyclones are churning about in the open ocean near Samoa this weekend but not close enough for weather forecasters to say any of them are headed our way.

A cyclone must be within a 300-kilometre radius of Samoa for the Meteorological Office to say it’s going to make landfall and that residents must prepare, said Assistant Chief Executive Officer Mulipola Ta’inau.


There was a drop in the number of farmers displaying agricultural  produce and livestock on the first day of the Agriculture Show for Upolu in comparison to the past.

Three hundred farmers were registered with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries to show case their crops and livestock at the Show but that number did not materialise yesterday.



A former New Zealand High Commissioner and a long service university educator, were easily recognised among the new group of naturalised Samoan citizens this week.

Sixteen people who've called Samoa home for years, natives of the U.S.A., China, Tonga, Fiji, India, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Argentina were sworn in as citizens of Samoa on Wednesday.



Applicants for a new Regulator were called in for interviews on Friday, at the start of a long series of evaluation and assesments for Chief Executive Officers, whose contracts are due for renewal.


Building a huge market at Salelologa has not worked according to plan Prime MinisterTuilaepa said in his media conference recently.



I Lesatele

The Commission of Inquiry Into Family Violence has recommended a ban on corporal punishment and verbal abuse in homes to eliminate violence against children.

In their Report the Commission stated that nine out of 10 children in Samoa experience violence in their life time and that physical, harsh verbal discipline/ violence and sexual violence has reached epidemic levels.



By Tauva Lima-Tavae


The Minister of Tourism, Sala Fata Pinati, is hopeful Samoa may be the winning location for the South Africa Survivor next television series.

A team from the television series was in Samoa recently to look around for a possible location but left without any indications of interest in filming here.


I Lesatele

Communication between child and parents is important in parenting but this unfortunately has broken down significantly in Samoa and has been replaced by violence and this lack of communication also places children at risk of further violence.


The Vaccination Programme for babies and children has restarted and confirmed by the National Health Services.

The only vaccine that is remains suspended is for MMR or measles, mumps and rubella.



By Online Editors

Could US-based actor and personality Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson be the answer for a Pacific-based rugby team?

That is the theory of Future of Super Rugby, who have launched a campaign calling on fans to reach out to the superstar to listen to the proposal. They believe he has the “mana” required to change the face of professional rugby and create a legacy for rugby in the Pacific region.


Manu Samoa’s new Head Coach Steven Jackson is an easy-going guy. He has a sense of humor, is down-to-earth and looks forward to collaborating with other coaches in Samoa.

But like every Manu Samoa supporter, the fierce competitor in Coach Jackson want wins – he wants Samoa playing Tier 1 rugby and he wants the squad in the Top 10.

Savai’i looks forward to putting their best forward as hosts of boxing for next year’s Pacific Games.

In choosing the big island to host the sport, Hele Matatia, Chief Executive Officer of the Pacific Games Organizing Committee said the thinking has always been “what is good for Upolu, is good for Savai’i.”

 “But we think: what is good for Savai’i is good for Samoa,” Matatia told reporters during a press conference in Tuanaimato yesterday.


By Tauva Lima-Tavae


A 29-year-old male offender, who pleaded guilty to a knife stabbing assault, was sentenced in the District Court this week to 12 months probation, with the warning that he will be jailed if he re-offends within the probationary period.

He was a first time offender and may have owed the leniency of his court sentence, to attending a court ordered rehabilitation programme that has made him profess to be a changed person.

I Lesatele

“There is absolutely no doubt that the way in which children are being raised in Samoa is a major contributor to the prevalence of family violence throughout the nation,” claimed findings from the National Public Inquiry Into Family Violence Report.


By Tauva Lima-Tavae


Chairman of the Trust Management Board at Robert Louis Stevenson stands by its school policy that they have zero-tolerance on bullying, let alone any form of violence within its school compound.

This confirmation followed a public uproar over violence inside the school compound between students that were circulated in video clips on social media.

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