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Gusting winds and heavy rains grounded ferry travels between the main islands today, Thursday 16 January 2020.

Safety concerns for the travelling public and the crew forced the Samoa Shipping Corporation to cancel all travels.

The 5.00am weather advisory from the Met Office for the day noted an  ‘….active convergence zone continues to remain within the vicinity of Samoa with heavy downpour and gusty activities.’

The Seventh Day Adventist Church College, Lalovaea, school dux award of 2019 went to 18-year-old Commerce student, Angellyn Fa’aleiua.

Her coveted academic award was presented at the school prize giving today at Lalovaea.

 The annual end of the year event was postponed from last year 2019 by the measles epidemic and it was combined from primary up to the college levels.

Samoa Rugby Union is determined to increase women’s participation in rugby around the country, in keeping with World Rugby edict of actively promoting and improving women’s rugby around the rugby playing world.

With that in mind, SRU rugby development division, has this week called for entries for its first women’s tournament for the start of the decade.

After twenty years, Brother Kevin O`Malley returns to Samoa. He has been appointed President of St. Joseph`s College, as well as the CEO of the College`s Governance Board.  Initially the positions will be on a part-time basis until his current contract with the Catholic Education Office in American Samoa is completed in early July, 2020.

A combined team of Samoan overseas general practitioners, surgeons and anesthetists, mostly from New Zealand, are rounding up their final week of a two weeks voluntary help out at the TTM Hospital to give the local staff a working break.

Consulting surgeon in Adelaide, Australia, Leafitaitu Dr Jimmy Eteuati is at the 7-member team

His team is the second to follow in on a two weeks voluntary work arrangement under the Samoan Doctors Worldwide Volunteer Service (SDWVS).


The number of people attending the Malua Conference seeking assistance from the health services being provided at Malua is increasing.

This is the observation of a member of the Red Cross team which every year provides a first aid service to the delegates.

People are leaving the EFKS Church and the church should not ignore this.

This matter was raised by the Manukau Parish in New Zealand for discussion in the EFKS Church conference this year.

The Congregational Christian Church of Samoa (CCCS) at Vailoa Tai released its very first musical compilation this weekend, collecting more than $SAT33,000 during a launch held on Friday night at the EFKS Youth Hall in Sogi.

The compilation of Church hymns titled “Pei ua susu ai matou loto nei” is a 12-track compact disc that will be made available to audiences in the United States and other parts of the world.

Samoa Head of State His Highness Tui Aana Tuimalealiifano Vaaletoa Sualauvi II addressed the thousands of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who assembled at Pesega field Saturday night to hear their visiting Church leader President Russell M. Nelson speak.

The Head of State and his Masiofo Faamausili Leinafo Tuimalealiifano, both graduates of the Congregational Christian Church of Samoa (CCCS) Theological College at Malua, were special guests of the devotional


Rev. Elder Iosefa Uilelea is the new EFKS Church Chairman–Elect. He is the church elder for the Matagaluega of Lepa and Lotofaga at Aleipata.

The Rev. Elder was a popular choice with delegates at the Malua ‘Fono Tele’ who voted him in by an overwhelming 400 winning margin.

His election was the last item on the agenda for the General Assembly before it ended today.

A small group of protesters turned up in front of the old Court House Building this morning to protest Government plans to pull it down.

A protest spokesman said they do not support a new building of the same design to replace the original one that is old and no longer structurally safe.

The protesters represent a newly formed advocate group founded in Australia with a membership of 1700 spread out in New Zealand and Samoa.

The national carrier Samoa Airways is not ruling out the options of expanding the service to new destinations but all in due course.

The priority is to build on what they are currently able to offer on core routes referred to in the airline lingo as the Samoa Airline ‘ travel brand.’

The matter on the EFKS church ministers paying taxes will not be discussed until the 2020 Annual Conference.

This is the explanation by the Chairman of the EFKS Church Reverend Elder Tautiaga Senara when the matter was raised by some of the parishes ( matagaluega) on Monday at the start of this year’s annual conference.

The EFKS Church is forced to write off $4.3m tala on the cost to renovations initially carried out from 2013 to 2016 on the Ioane Viliamu 6-storey building, Tamaligi.

The renovations had to be re-done all over again under  a new plan re-drawn for the  building, the delegates of the conference heard on Monday.

Good news for the members of the Bananas Farmers Association in that the door is still open for them to export but  they must follow the production manual.

The production will help to improve the planting and caring of the bananas trees.

Good news for the members of the Bananas Farmers Association in that the door is still open for them to export but  they must follow the production manual.

The production will help to improve the planting and caring of the bananas trees.

Stall owners at the Fugalei market are stressed at the on going problem of the building leaking badly in bad weather.

Ten of the regular stall owners complained that dripping water from the roof soaks up the floor and damage items like design wears like ‘puletasi.’

All the complaining stall owners did not want to be named but confirmed that they have made appeals to the management and is yet to see any response.

This year will mark the tenth anniversary of the deadly tsunami  that struck Samoa killing  over a 100 people of Falealili and Aleipata and caused so much destruction along the southern-western coastline of  Upolu.


Athletes, officials and people coming to Samoa for the Pacific Games will be advised if taking a taxi they should ask for the fare list from a taxi driver to check that they are paying the correct fare. 

According to the Land and Transport Authority LTA this would be a way to stop taxi drivers from overcharging during the Games and giving Samoa a bad name.


The panel of five assessors, two women and three men, presiding in the attempted murder trial of prominent farmer Peter Tulaga, 38, have found him guilty as charged.

Tulaga, seated in the front row at the far right of the courtroom bowed his head, cried and wiped the tears from his face as the foreman pronounced the verdict out loud in the Supreme Court's Courtroom No. 4.

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