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The Apia Port Facilities is getting another upgrade worth USD$62m, signed over yesterday as a grant from the Asian Development Bank.

A major feature of the project is a breakwater protection barrier to significantly reduce the damaging waves effects on the safety of the port facilities.


Deidre Tautua – Fanene

Three young men are in police custody for the alleged assault of a Chinese businessman at Lotopa last week Saturday.

A statement by the Ministry of Police on Monday evening confirmed the arrests.

The suspects are now in police custody awaiting court appearances next month on the 1st of October.

The day did not end well for the two occupants of a small private car that crashed into the ditch at Fa’atoia yesterday.

The accident occurred next to the intersection at Fa’atoia and Leone around 5.00pm in the evening.

Bystanders reported that an elderly woman and her grown son were taken to the hospital for medical attention.

The car ended veered off the road and into the deep ditch onto its left side on the roadside.

Deidre Tautua – Fanene

A mother who allegedly struck and killed her 1-year-old baby girl on the head with the wooden handle of a broomstick earlier this year rejected manslaughter charges.

The Samalaeulu, Savaii, mother, denied four charges in connection with her daughter’s death before Justice Tafaoimalo Leilani Tuala – Warren.

Deidre Tautua – Fanene

A loving mother and grandmother is organising a proper burial for the bodies of the two dead babies who were abandoned in separate incidents.

She has also taken it upon herself to give each one a name in a show of humanity she wholeheartedly believe are entitled to like any other human being.


A 73 year old mother who is back in Samoa this week from the first time in 56 years, is still trying to adjust to the massive changes she has returned to.

Sarai Fesulua'i  left the country as a 17 year old and is overwhelmed by what she has experienced and the positive face of the Apia town area compared to when she was last in Samoa.

"It’s been way too long since I was in Samoa. I am overwhelmed by the changes and it feels good to be back home,” she confided in Newsline Samoa.

Nothing warms the heart more than the innocence of children bewildered by the huff and puff the adults drag them through.

The Malaefatu Park was a perfect place to see how that unfolded on Monday at the start of the activities planned for the weeklong Teuila Festival. 

Children react in many ways that makes watching them fun and heartwarming.

A ‘big palagi’ kid made to sleep on the grass by his tried parents was a true head twister. 

New Zealand pop singer Sir John Rowles is performing in Samoa for the first time this week.

He plans a performance to make up for not doing so until now and for not knowing the locals love his songs.

 " I should have come before but somehow I didn't get here but I spent a lot of time in Hawaii,” he said in a press conference yesterday.

“I think the people of Samoa like my type of songs, love songs, about the oceans, islands.”

Always when the talk is about body language, facial expressions is the most easily read.  A smile is a good sign. Tears are not. Burning red eyes, furrowed forehead and wide nostrils breathing hot air are warnings.

There are other facial gestures as well.  Study these two photos and you will see signs of stress and strain.

These are normal signs linked to people saddled with some serious responsibilities. 

Samoa has 600,000 litres of oil waste to get rid of.  The Samoa Waste Oil Management Project (SWOMP) launched last Friday is going to make that possible.

Under  SWOMP Samoa will be able to ship oil waste for disposal in Fiji  in a free shipping arrangement with the Moana Taka Partnership.

The crowning of the next Miss Samoa this week will end the reign of Miss Samoa beauty queen Sonia Piva, but not what she brought to the role and her own unique achievements that will be her legacy.


Deidre Tautua – Fanene

Police Commissioner, Fuiavailili Egon Keil has revealed the vision of the Police Academy that will be built at the old prison site at Tafaigata.

He firmly believes his Ministry of Police will benefit from the academy in so many ways.

Deidre Tautua – Fanene

The Commissioner of Police, Fuiavailili Egon Keil, has confirmed attempts to extradite from Australia, Mr. Tala Pauga, in connection with on going investigations into an alleged conspiracy to murder Prime Minister Tuilaepa.

Fuiavailili did not confirm whether Pauga is the fourth suspect in the alleged murder plot except the local police and its Australian counterparts are working together.


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The weightlifters will walk away with one third of the $95,000 tala prize money Cabinet has approved as monetary rewards for gold medal winners at the Pacific Games last July.

Weightlifting earned the most gold medals in Samoa’s medal tally with 16 out of an overall total of 38 won.

Deidre Tautua – Fanene

Fifteen year old Fata Filoi of Tuasivi College was one of the stars for the 2019 Champ of Champion national high school athletics competition at the Apia Park on Friday this week.

She set three new records during the competition in the Junior Girl’s 400, 200 and 100 meters.

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The popular fautasi or traditional longboat racing is being revived for the Teuila Festival next year, but crews must take competition seriously.

 No more token entries to make up the numbers and arriving at the finishing line in comfort to collect on the prize money for taking part.


The Ministry of Health is breathing a little easier at the new policy for tighter border control on dead bodies brought into the country.

Now in place is a Government Repatriation Policy to guide overseas families sending bodies of loved ones for burial in Samoa.

Several instances have happened in recent years where bodies arrived without health clearance documents from the country of origin.

Local users addicted to illegal drugs for recreational use is yet to show any cause for alarm at the Ministry of Health

The Director General of Health, Leausa Dr. Take Naseri, went over the admission records for patients and they do not show any serious trends of drug addiction to worry about.

“ So far we don’t have any records to say there were x number of people with drug related addiction problems,” Leausa explained.

BUS BUZZ  :  Travelling public along this section of the Tuanaimato Road came upon this uncommon sight around mid-afternoon yesterday.

How it managed to run over a footpath, a strip of grass before it leaped across an open cement drainage to lodge in the tall grass will eventually be explained.

The first impression would suggest the driver fell asleep and the bus swerved across the two opposite road lanes. He woke with a startled when the bus landed in the grass and stopped.


Deidre Tautua – Fanene

The 16-year-old winner of a schools impromptu speech competition is calling on young people to speak up about cyber bullying

Aruna Wallwork Tuala of Vaoala revealed that she too was a victim of cyber bullying three years ago and wants the youth of Samoa to speak up about their experience.

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