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The Pacific Games Council will be looking into the eligibility of transgender athletes when they meet to review the report of the XVI Games that just ended  last night in Samoa.

New Zealand transgender athlete, Laurel Hubbard, created a controversial uproar, during the Games when she competed and won two gold medals in weightlifting.

The gold medal wins stirred debate over gender complaints that the lifter should be allowed to compete against the women.

 Swimming's double gold medal winner Brandon Schuster is the ‘Best Male Athlete’ for the Pacific Games XVI.

The President of the Pacific Games Council Mr. Vidhya Lakhan, made the official announcement last night at the closing ceremony at the Apia Park Stadium.

A panel of selected members involved with the Games disclosed their decision shortly before the official closing.

Schuster was recognised for setting the standard for swimming in Samoa.   

The Solomon Islands is adding to the theme of unity as a region when it is their turn to host the next Pacific Games in 2023.

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare, announced live by video link on Saturday night during the closing ceremony of the Games at the Apia Park Stadium the theme they have already selected.

‘Challenge. Celebrate. Unite.

Praises Roll In For Samoa At Pacific Games Closing

Papua New Guinea took an early jump on the scoring board and as the playing quarters ticked over they kept adding the points.

Samoa tried to keep up and overtake but the ladies from PNG were sharp and fast.

Even during warm up the PNGs were in serious medal winning mood that by the end of the first half they were in a comfortable 15 goals lead with a 31 -16 score.


Taking tourists anywhere in Samoa is the basic concept behind Tai’s Native Experience.

Owner Taimalelagi Fiti Aimaasu, is an independent tour operator who gives every tour a personal touch and treats every tour as a personal experience.


Faataua le Ola (FLO) has dedicated its 2018 Walk For Life to one of its founders, the late father and philanthropist Hans Joachim "Joe" Keil who died 31 August, 2018.

Keil was laid to rest in a family cemetery at Lotopa 8 September.

The Walk for Life fundraising campaign was officially opened by Faataua le Ola at a Friday ceremony in Vaoala.

At the time of Keil's passing, he was Co-Patron of Faataua le Ola with Misa Telefoni Retzlaff.


A prominent local pharmacist is fearful of the health risks to the general public from non-medically approved medications, sold widely on the streets of Apia and around the country.

The worry is on imported pills and other medications supposedly for weight loss and other body ailments, without official medical approval.

The medications are brought in from the Philippines and available locally in large quantities


Tauva Lima-Tavae

The display of fireworks at the Apia waterfront to celebrate and usher in 2019 was not an environmental concern for Samoa.


More sporting events are open for two regional sporting giants in the Pacific - New Zealand and Australia to compete in at the July Pacific Games.

From four sports when they were invited to compete in the 2015 Pacific Games,  it is now up to eight for the Games this year in Samoa.


The Court of Appeal dismissed the appeal brought by Taula Ierome Ah Kuoi who sought to remove his brother John Ah Kuoi as administrator of their late parents’ estate, upholding the decision made by Supreme Court Justice Leiataualesa Daryl Clarke.

Justice Rhys Harrison issued the ruling Monday.

Supreme Court Justice Tafaoimalo Leilani Tuala-Warren issued a Warrant of Arrest this morning for Sipili Nanai, better known among Samoans as the rapper/recording artist named Zipso.

Nanai was scheduled for sentencing today before Justice Tafaoimalo, Wednesday April 10, 2019 but when his matter was called by the court registrar he did not appear.

A police officer stepped outside the courtroom and called his name twice. The police officer informed the court that Nanai  was not present.

Suspended private solicitor, Maiava Visekota Peteru, is ready to fix the problem that has temporarily suspended her certificate to practice law.

The Samoa Law Society suspended the prominent lawyer and also former Member of Parliament during the week

 “I have dedicated 35 years of my life to the practice of law in Samoa and I intend to follow Law Society processes with a view to remedy the interim suspension,” Maiava reacted in a statement to Newsline Samoa


Tauva Lima-Tavae

 The mother of an 18 year old daughter who died while under the care of the Samoa Victim Support Group, SVSG, want answers to her death.

Tumua Mauele Brown of Fasito’o-uta mourned the loss of her teenage child Rosa, who died from a long illness and whose body was laid to rest yesterday at her family home.

Samoa 2019 Pacific Games

Fijian gold medalist Shanice Takayawa, 21,  thanked Almighty God and her family after defeating contenders from judo-crazed nations Tahiti to become the Women's Heavyweight Judo Champion of the XVI Pacific Games.

It was a dream come true for Takayawa who told Newsline Samoa she was inspired to win a gold in judo by her father.

The most senior player in the American Samoa netball team competing in the Pacific Games is 65 years old.

Mrs Maria Perelini has another team role as the coach.

Samoa will be contesting Papua New Guinea for the gold medal in the women’s soccer after defeating New Caledonia 3-2.

Samoa Soccer Association is looking ahead to making history for the sport, as the first time Samoa will medal in soccer since the Pacific Games started.

Samoa is already guaranteed a medal but will have to wait after the match on Saturday to determine the colour – gold or silver.

Apart from an early malaria case and treatment for the driver of a rental car in an accident, the Games have stayed healthy so far.

Ministry of Health Director General Leausa Dr. Take Naseri is a relieved man.

‘We have medical teams located in selected areas of the sporting venues and so far there have been no major health concerns,” Leausa told Newsline Samoa.

Done and dusted. Home fans may rage and rant all they want about the unfairness of man versus woman in weightlifting but the subject of their fury has left.

Gone back to the safety of the land where Samoans crave the endless flow of honey and milk.

Laurel Hubbard left behind a country to lick a lot of angry wounds. It’s not so much that she took the gold away from the darlings of the sport, but more the question of fair gender rivalry.

Cook Is. netballers held on to a 59-53 win last night against a surging Samoan side in the final quarter of their encounter at the Multisport Centre.

The biased Samoa crowd were energetic in their support throughout the game but in the end conceded the better team won.

“But it was a very good game I really enjoyed it,” one agreeable Samoan fan was overheard saying.

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