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The Pacific Games Council will be looking into the eligibility of transgender athletes when they meet to review the report of the XVI Games that just ended  last night in Samoa.

New Zealand transgender athlete, Laurel Hubbard, created a controversial uproar, during the Games when she competed and won two gold medals in weightlifting.

The gold medal wins stirred debate over gender complaints that the lifter should be allowed to compete against the women.

 Swimming's double gold medal winner Brandon Schuster is the ‘Best Male Athlete’ for the Pacific Games XVI.

The President of the Pacific Games Council Mr. Vidhya Lakhan, made the official announcement last night at the closing ceremony at the Apia Park Stadium.

A panel of selected members involved with the Games disclosed their decision shortly before the official closing.

Schuster was recognised for setting the standard for swimming in Samoa.   

The Solomon Islands is adding to the theme of unity as a region when it is their turn to host the next Pacific Games in 2023.

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare, announced live by video link on Saturday night during the closing ceremony of the Games at the Apia Park Stadium the theme they have already selected.

‘Challenge. Celebrate. Unite.

Praises Roll In For Samoa At Pacific Games Closing

Papua New Guinea took an early jump on the scoring board and as the playing quarters ticked over they kept adding the points.

Samoa tried to keep up and overtake but the ladies from PNG were sharp and fast.

Even during warm up the PNGs were in serious medal winning mood that by the end of the first half they were in a comfortable 15 goals lead with a 31 -16 score.

Samoa 2019 Pacific Games

Very few single use plastic water bottles turned up in the waste collected from sports venues and that is welcoming news for the plastic free and greening of the Pacific Games campaign.

Long after the Pacific Games XVI hype is finally settled, the name Brandon Schuster, will continue to ripple in the pools of swimming competition in Samoa.

The double gold medalist at the Tuanaimato Aquatic Centre is without any doubt, the name and face now associated with the sport of swimming in Samoa.

A last minute pull out by three of the EFKS Church Schools included in the Games Opening Ceremony has caught off guard the Ministry of Education as the organisers.

More than 300 students from Maluafou, Leulumoega and Papauta colleges of the EKS Church were pulled out of the 2000 plus entertainment contingent of college students.

The EFKS Church schools are the only ones to pull out in protest at the Games opening  on a Sunday.

Maria Annette Gay claimed a bronze medal in her very first competition when she defeated an opponent from Papua New Guinea in a bronze medal contest on Tuesday.

She told Newsline Samoa, she fought to win for her mom, dad and her judo family

"I was so scared! There were so many people cheering and I guess that's what motivated me when I heard my mom and dad they were like cheering me on and I was like yes, I've got to win this medal!," Gay told Newsline Samoa.

Papua New Guinea's Rugby League 9s Team Captain and silver medallist Gahuna Silas says everything about Samoa is "really fantastic."

Silas led his team to the final in a tough match with Fiji who claimed the gold medal in Week 1 of the XVI Pacific Games.

After PNG got the rugby league 9s contest out of the way, Silas and his team were seen out and about in Apia over the weekend.

Team coach Tuaopepe Jerry Wallwork has some medal housekeeping to do next week with weightlifting done and over with for the Pacific Games XVI.

His lifters, in both men and women flooded the medal tally for Samoa since  began stepping up to the Gym 1 competition platform at the Faleata Sports Complex.

The burst of gold medals went into overflow in the last two days of competition that ended yesterday.

The day that the Pacific Games Torch arrived in the village of Pu’apu’a in Savaii will be a lasting memory for 79 year old Fetalaiga Samoata.

The torch arrived at 12 pm on Monday( 25th June) afternoon at Pu’apu’a village and Fetalaiga was there to witness the handing over of the torch from a student of Asaga Primary School.

The Games volleyball venue inside the National University of Samoa Campus is under the watch of the traditional authority of chiefs and orators of Maagiagi Village.

The village role is in support of the Ministry of Police regular security service to ensure the event is run smoothly.

Maagiagi orator, Tiauli Magiagi, confirmed the village support in response to a request from the police, whose numbers are severely stretched.

Rain left tennis officials with no other choice but to cancel all the matches scheduled for the opening day of competition on Monday, at the Apia Park Courts.

The courts were too slippery for the safety of the players.

This is what the Sports Cooperation Manager, Tagaloa Yvonne Carruthers, told Newsline Samoa when the courts closed down in the afternoon.

““This is one of the outdoor sports that cannot be played when it is raining,” Tagaloa explained.

The rush for gold picked up pace on the second day of the XVI Pacific Games with 26 gold medals shared among 8 countries by the end of the day’s competition.

New Caledonia is off to the lead on the medal table with 8 gold, Tahiti and Fiji both have 4, Samoa and Kiribati at 3 each, Solomon Islands 2, Papua New Guinea and Nauru with one apiece.

There are 11 countries already with medals to their names with the rest yet to medal.


Samoa dominated their first basketball match with an incredible blowout win, 106-64, against New Caledonia at Gym 2 in Monday night's last match.

Top scorer Malama Leaupepe (No. 7), led the team to victory in day one's last basketball match with a whopping 42 points total.

Samoa dominated the entire match and in the first five minutes of play, they were up 20-3.



The Supreme Court has found David Nomeneta Uaine, the former immigration officer who made and sold Samoa passports to non-Samoans for money – guilty of 28 forgery, corruption, bribery and other charges – but the four charges of recording information on a passport database have been dismissed.

Supreme Court Justice Leilani Tuala-Warren issued her 23-page ruling yesterday.

Tafaigata/Tanumalala prisoners sang heartfelt appreciation to the government for the newer and much better prison facility for them.

The song was sung by a group of women and men prisoners at the opening of the new prison at Tanumalala last Friday.

An 18-year-old male is fighting for his life at the TTM Hospital with serious injuries from a hit and run road accident yesterday morning.

Eyewitness reported that the driver of the vehicle did not stop.

The victim was struck around 5.00am just outside the Ah Chong store at Puipa’a, and was rushed to the hospital by a passing delivery truck.

The surprised family of the victim is trying to cope with the shock of waking up to the unexpected trauma.



Parts  of the Apia Waterfront Project are targeted to be completed in May and June this year.

The event space in-front and at the back of the Government Building at the Eleele Fou and the Clock Tower Boulevard are expected to be completed in May this year while the Friendship Park is to be completed in June.

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